Is the “photo idol” on the wane?Are once popular photo shoots still valuable now?

Is the “photo idol” on the wane?Now, Japanese idol entertainment programs and information programs such as The Japanese Idol 46 are very popular.In the past, those who fought against entertainment programs were artists from pictorial idols such as Hosokawa Tomie, Eiko Oike, MEGUMI and Tanmi.Idol variety show sweeping now, professional photo idol still place?Is there any chance of a comeback?■ “massive breast boom” pioneer ryoko koike, MEGUMI active and YELLOWCAB contribution “グ raimビ attract attract – mode to the number (photo idol)” is japanese-english.Mainly refers to active in the magazine photo pages, posters, photo collection and other areas of the artist.It was led by Agnes Nalani Lum, a hybrid of Chinese descent, who became popular in 1975.The first Person in Japan is believed to be Mikie Sakakibara, the first generation of big-breasted idol.Originally portrait artist’s activities, is the entertainment circle to improve the popularity of a springboard.Since then, however, the studio has established a more solid “pictorial idol” craze and a more definite “path” from pictorial idol to variety show to actress.YELLOWCAB, an entertainment firm, pioneered the boom.Her artists include Riko Kato, Toie Hosokawa, Reiko Rugosa, Eoko Koike and MEGUMI. In the 1990s, she not only took pictures but also took variety shows by surprise.At that time, if they were popular, they would dress up, and Now Eiko Koike and MEGUMI are acting actresses.The sexy forward bend posture, commonly known as The Baby pose, becomes the subject of Akiko, through His Umpire Conceived by Fuji TV’s variety show, ゃ×2 ケ Your Ru!After becoming an official member of the Association, the Japanese people’s awareness of the association has been raised.”But society immediately gets tired of big breasts,” media researcher Shinichi Yi said.This is Yuka.””As a picture idol, I am a wonjo healing group, which is not like a traditional picture idol (not big breasts or sexy group).Later, Jing Chuanyao, Yi Ye and others inherited this system.After that, Yuko Katsuki, Wakira Shinsuka, and Maki Kaoru, an active female college student, appear, and the photo world turns into the Red Sea.In the 2000s, there were various groups of cute, intellectual, and beautiful breasts.At that time, the major newspapers were FRIDAY (Kodansa), FLASH (Gwangmunsa), FOCUS (Shinchosa ※ discontinued in 2001), Young Magazine (Kodansa), Playboy (Jiyeongsa), and EX Public (Ssanghasa).Now popular actress Ayase yao debut is also in the main battlefield.S the IDOLING!!!!!!”For a while, artists who were once photo idols were able to stand out in variety shows. On the other hand, idol groups such as Good Morning Girls began to draw attention again.AKB48 was born in 2005.However, the popularity of Good Morning Girls has declined except for some fanatical fans, and AKB has not been able to break away from the category of underground idol.”At that time, For idols to appear in variety shows, Pangu pioneered IDOLING!!Donuts.”Mr Wen pointed out.Fuji TV launched its first idol group with a title show, IDOLING!!(Fuji TV).Basically, the idol’s job is singing, dancing and acting, but IDOLING!!He challenged the “dirty work” and created a “ridiculed idol.”Then, AKB48 1:59! (later AKBINGO!)(Japanese TV) and other variety shows, following IDOLING!!, constantly let the idol fight life, produced a lot of topic programs.With the popularity of AKB48, this has become the standard.In the heyday of group idols, those who were bullied in bando, such as Lucky Grass Z and Naigisaka, became active idols.”It’s once a popular variety idol like Mixing Jing (Random Towns Mode to add), their variety color is very strong.Then came the post-idol craze, in which idols also participate in variety shows.From then on, the opportunities for picture idols to appear in variety shows began to decrease.Shifting the wind is IDOLING!!Mr. Kiyota Menzawa, the producer of.”Mr. Mencawa, the producer of Tonishi Matsumoto’s Mission to Japan on Fuji TV, said in an interview that he is not particularly fond of idols or familiar with them.’That is to say, people from different industries are involved in the idol industry, IDOLING!!Suddenly turned heresy and opened up a whole new world.”Heroes who could not only sing and dance but also make people laugh continued to make their way into the Imperial Navy,” Nippon Osaka Luckyand Nippon Matsu Matsu, “which swept the Japanese variety world, making the pictorial idol craze wane.”(clothes wheel) : from different industries to return to the pictorial idol, publishing depression…In addition, popular idols led by AKB48 are also making waves in swimwear, and the number of popular artists named “photo idols” has decreased.At this time the popularity of the network, the publishing industry is obviously depressed.With the popularity of social networking, anyone can send a photo.There are no more picture idols playing major roles in variety shows.”Unlike in the past, every time I wear a bathing suit on SOCIAL networking sites or photo sessions, I get called a photo idol.The evolution of cameras and image-correcting software has accelerated this.As the professional image of the pictorial icon is becoming less and less, actresses and broadcasters from different walks of life are returning to the pictorial.A photo idol is not a title, but a form of expression.From the very beginning, the pictorial idol gave people a strong impression of sexual consumption, but with the popularity of photo albums such as Fukada Kyoko, Yoshioka Rifan, and Tanaka Namoru, their values have changed.Transboundary women, who work as models and photo idols at the same time, are attracting increasing attention from the same sex.Miyako Miyazaki’s swimsuit photo in 2020 became the talk of the town for the first time in 40 years.As if to eliminate the negative side of the photo, the focus on the same sex has received great praise.As actresses, entertainers and idols enter the pictorial industry, pictorial works are becoming more and more self-expression places or collaborative works with photographers.From “sexual exploitation” to women’s “aspirational self-expression”, the colour is increasingly strong.■ With the popularity of social networking, the path to success for photo idols is no longer TV as the main line, what is the subject of the resurgence so far, the goal of photo idols is to be active on TV, and that is the end.Because of this, it has become the only way to climb the dragon gate with a photo idol.With the popularity of social networking services such as YouTube and live streaming, media has become more sophisticated every year.Television is no longer the main battleground.In other words, the value of the pictorial idol itself has not declined, but the path for the pictorial idol to succeed as a TV artist has weakened.In an interview with ORICON NEWS, photo idol Yuka Kurabata said, “Nowadays, photo idols can no longer compete with naked faces.”Nowadays, the photo idol is more required to be “personality” and “smart”.People are using social networks, so it is important to make good use of the “self-making power” based on the “sending power” of the Internet.There is no need to be too pessimistic about changing times.It is not a dream to promote the rise of pictorial idols in a new way, unlike the TV strategy.With the change of times and the diversification of media, it was once regarded as a photo idol on the verge of extinction.On the one hand, it has reduced its exposure in newspapers, magazines and photo albums, and on the other hand, it is now possible to freely post and express information on SNS without relying on TV.Where will they succeed?The path to recovery is up to them.The trembling panda

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