Fight back!Gu Ailing, silver medal!

Gu Ailing of China won the silver medal in women’s freestyle slopestyle skiing with 86.23 points in her third jump.This is also the fourth silver medal of The Chinese delegation. Gu Ailing has won one gold and one silver medal in this Olympic Games. Gu Ailing, who has a big heart, said before the competition that she would also be afraid.In the second jump of the final, she failed to land at the third obstacle in the props area and only got 16.98 points. However, Gu Always exceeded people’s expectations and insisted on showing her best self. Gu adjusted herself in time and won the commentator’s praise of “Steady landing, great” in the third jump.Don’t pick something wrong with the “perfect play” pressure “praise waited to GuAiLing scores and gives her signature than the heart and the blink of an eye not only have a calm state of mind GuAiLing steadfast, diligent attitude also a consistent qualifications after the end of yesterday she immediately into the u-shaped ground training relaxed, leisurely are behind with hard work and sweat for the post-match GuAiLing silver GuAiLingThird jumped 86.23 points on hot sounet friend comment on: GuAiLing at the Beijing Olympics and finally a woman U site skills competition on February 17, Thursday morning 09:30 let we continue to expect GuAiLing source/” synthetical consolidation and rehabilitation female voices from the All-China Women’s Federation China news agency, xinhua daily telegraph, qianjiang evening news editor/o in accordance with the Mooney, Dan sun

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