Eyebrow lifting operation 6 questions 6 answers, prepare eyebrow lifting operation of the people to see, remove your preoperative worries

1. How close is the distance between the eyes and the eyebrows?Can’t get an eyebrow lift?This is a sharp question, in the eyes of many people, there is no solution, but in fact, the appropriate distance can be used to improve the skin laxity of the upper eyelid through eyebrow lifting surgery.The problem of close eyebrow – eye distance can also be improved through other details and technical processing.Won’t let eyebrow, eye crowded after surgery, cramped.Can lift eyebrow operation and pouch operation be done at the same time?Can you improve crow’s feet right amount?Eyebrow lift and pouch surgery are the advanced partners of eye rejuvenation surgery, which can also be of great help in improving static crow’s feet.Appropriate amount of loose skin was removed around the eye, and the whole eye presented a young shape at last. In addition, one operation was performed to synchronize the recovery.After surgery, the whole periocular area will present a very obvious state of rejuvenation.3. Acting doctor, I am 39 years old. Is it early for me to do eyebrow lift?Or become double eyelid operation appropriate?Like periocular surgery are fine surgery, eyebrow lifting surgery or double eyelid surgery are to judge from the details according to the basic shape of the eye.Age is not the only criterion for a procedure, indications are.Can understand in detail, or detailed consultation.4. Can the incision on the eyebrow also improve eyelid relaxation?The incision on the eyebrow is generally used to improve the direction of the eyebrow, such as the splayed eyebrow. If it is to improve the relaxation and sagging of the upper eyelid skin, it can be improved through the subeyebrow incision. The incision distance is closer in the treatment of loose skin, and the postoperative improvement effect is more precise.5. Acting doctor, can I have an eyebrow lift with a deep eye socket?The eye socket is deep, whether it is high brow bone or sunken eye socket, which is formed by the fine technical operation around the eye, to achieve the rejuvenation of the upper eyelid surgery, eyebrow lifting surgery can be done.6. What is the difference between fascial suspension eyebrow lift and traditional eyebrow lift?Fascial suspension eyebrow lift surgery can be maintained for a longer time than traditional eyebrow lift surgery, just as there is a reason why SMAS fascial lift surgery can be maintained for a longer time and achieve better results than facelifts without fascial lift.If you need to know more about eye rejuvenation and facial rejuvenation, you can pay attention to the headline number: Plastic Surgeon Dailixian, and I will continue to popularize related content in the future.# # # health through annual  health star program #  # 2022 of these “hot” health still need to pay attention to case # #  very # # #  health science competition

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