Exclusive collection “Daming perfect tyrant”, bully me insult me, although far will punish!

Zhu Youxiao was staring at a tree in a daze. He was thinking.”Wang Banping, how long did it take for this tree to grow from a sapling to a towering tree?”Zhu Youxiao asked suddenly.”Your Majesty, I’m afraid it will take a hundred years!”Zhu Youxiao asked again: “In the same hundred years, this tree has been able to shelter from wind and rain. Its roots will become longer and larger, and its branches will be luxurious. why is it that I am in such a bad state today?”Wang Was about to answer, when Zhu Youxiao said, “It is because daming’s roots have been damaged and the insects have eaten them up. When they have finished gnawing this tree, they will run to other trees to continue gnawing.”Zhu Youxiao said angrily, “The tree gives them shelter from the wind and rain, and gives them a safe living environment. They don’t take good care of it, but they eat up the tree that gives them protection.””Declare the cabinet to meet me at the Nuan Pavilion!”Zhu Youxiao said quietly and walked to the pavilion!”I salute Saint Ann!””Said three cabinet ministers.”Three teachers flat bar, Wang Banping, give three teachers a seat!”Zhu Youxiao said in a flat voice.”Thank your Majesty!Zhu by the school will be in the hands of the play thin class weigh in class said: “I hand this play thin is the Liaodong through Xiong Tingbi, played liao army food ring owe a lot, I hope the cabinet and the ministry of housing can as appropriate reissue a part!””The three masters must have seen it already. Let’s see it again.”Zhu Youxiao will play shu to Wang Chaofu to three auxiliary ministers.They three natural early read, is because square from zhe and Liu yi 燝, Han 爌 of different opinions will report to the emperor, otherwise this play sparse they have already hit back, the emperor can not see.”A month ago, the first emperor only hair inside the money two million two reward nine sides and Liaodong sergeant, even if the grain ring accumulated years owe much, the last hair of silver should also be enough for two months to eat full meal sergeant, how now began to ring?Can the three masters give me some answers?”Zhu Youxiao looked at the following three auxiliary ministers coldly said.”Your Majesty, according to the minister to see nature is the following officials hand in hand, embezzled the military ring, I impeach liao East longitude xiong Tingbi!”Han 爌 came forward and answered.Zhu youxiao looked at Han 爌 coldly and said, “Oh, do you think it is Xiong Jung-pil who is calling for arrest?”Han 爌 bow again: “Your Majesty is wise, Xiong Tingbi since the appointment of liaodong economic strategy, have no action, it can be said is afraid of the enemy such as tiger, now is more corrupt army ring, please your majesty under the decree to recall Xiong Tingbi, otherwise liaodong fear of mutiny danger!”Zhu Youxiao frowned and said in a warm voice, “If xiong Tingbi is dismissed from office, do you have someone who can manage you?”Liu yi 燝 know the opportunity to come, forward way: “Your Majesty, Liaodong governor Yuan Ying Tai will be competent!”Han 爌 and the way: “I also recommend Guangning counsellor Wang Huazhen to take over the liaodong governor, so can guarantee liaodong without danger!”Zhu By the school secret way is true, most of the ministers in the goal is to drive Xiong Tingbi out of liaodong, and then let their so-called Donglin ministers.That’s how they fooled the apocalypse emperors in history, and nurhachi soared to the top.Only five months after taking office, Yuan Yingtai even lost Liaoyang and Shenyang. The two major military towns in eastern Liaoning were easily occupied by Nurhachi, which provided the conditions and basic plate for Huang Taiji’s five entry into the pass and Duoergun’s entry into the Central Plains.But zhu Youxiao will no longer be fooled by these civil servants.And from today’s simple report, Liu yi 燝 and Han 爌 are clearly prepared, and as the leader of the Qi, Chu, Zhejiang party fang Congzhe was obviously caught by surprise.The cabinet, too, needs a shake-up!”I know, three master go back!”But Liu yi 燝 and Han 爌 obviously do not give up, together forward way: “Your Majesty, should replace Xiong Tingbi as soon as possible, otherwise Shenyang is in danger!”Zhu by the school facial expression is very bad of answer way: “I know, go back!”As soon as they saw the emperor, they would lose their temper and could only retire!Zhu Youxiao light said!”The Duke of Xuanying has come to see me!”…General Xiong Jung-bi, who was sitting at the top, was meditating, and the generals were talking and laughing, but Xiong Jung-bi was having a hard time.Xiong had been here since nurhachi’s last large-scale attack, when he came to the rescue of Shenyang himself.The first emperor issued two million liang of internal money silver to his hands even 100,000 liang are not enough, liaodong hundreds of thousands of troops, these silver even one person hair one or two are not enough, and Liaodong since the wanli years began to sound.Xiong tingbi was under great pressure to guard against Nurhachi and the court and central officials from committing crimes against him, as well as to calm the mood and morale of his army.”Stage stage, the matter of grain ring can have news?”Shenyang chief officer He Shixian clenched his fist.Xiong Jung-pil, who played the newspaper grain, reported his report to the Capital on October 10. It has been almost a month now, so there seems to be no hope.But xiong Tingbi can’t tell them the truth, only way: “play thin only afraid is still in the cabinet, after all, the last time just hair silver, but yuan auxiliary has been a letter to me, he will help us try to fight for!””In my opinion, this kind of silver is no hope, court is no hair!”The next guerrilla general hated to say.And the other officers knew it, too, but it was hard for them to tell.Xiong jung-pil, on the other hand, only stared at the guerrilla general. The general was so nervous that he shrank his head and retreated behind the others.”Rest assured, your Majesty will not neglect me in Liaodong. Please be patient!”Xiong Tingbi got up and said.Liaoyang Liaodong governor’s government, Yuan Yingtai is negotiating with several Donglin party.This time, xiong Jung-bi must be driven out of Liaodong. Most of the court officials support Governor Yuan, and only two of his aides need to write letters.One senator said.”Xiong Tingbi is afraid of the enemy like a tiger and can only waste money and grain from the Treasury. If Yuan is in charge of it, Nurhaci would have been driven back to his hometown of Jianzhou!””Echoed another official.”The world has to be governed by my donglin Qingliu, such as Xiong Tingbi is unworthy to preside over the liaodong military affairs!”Yuan Yingtai, governor of Liaodong, finally spoke out.”When our officers wipe out the jian slaves, we can return to the Capital Division and report back to your Majesty!””Xia guan jing waits for this day to arrive, yuan governor’s future is boundless.”The officials’ ability to flatter is world-class!…”I respectfully request Saint Ann!”British duke Zhang Weixian kneels voice.”I am, old state duke dispense with ceremony, old state duke is old, later dispense with this kneeling ceremony!”Zhu Youxiao personally helped the British duke up.”Thank your Majesty!Zhang Weixian bowed and said, “I wonder why your majesty has brought me here.”Zhu Youxiao looked at the eunuchs and maids of honor on both sides.”Leave, all of you, and no one shall come in without my decree. My Lord, guard the gate well for me!”Wang Chaofu knew that he had something important to discuss and quickly withdrew.Only zhu Youxiao and Zhang Weixian remained in the warm cabinet. Zhu Youxiao said, “I intend to establish an imperial palace army, and I want to let the old duke choose loyal and reliable elite soldiers from Beijing camp for me. Can the old duke have a problem?”After hearing this, Chang wai-yin felt nervous. What is your Majesty going to do?”Return to your Majesty, my old minister!”Zhu Youxiao laughed and said, “The old duke is worthy of being an important minister of the state. I think the soldiers he led that day could have been the base of the forbidden army. Is he willing to give up his love with great pain?”Zhang Weixian quickly said, “The Jingying army is your majesty’s army. I should be your majesty’s horse’s leader, but I am just your majesty’s steward!””Why did the old duke say so? I heard that one of the oldest grandsons of the old duke is already in his early twenties?Would you be willing to join the Palace?”Zhang Weixian’s heart a happy: “Minister sun should obey the holy meaning!””Good, old duke remember, be loyal and reliable, innocent, brave and skilled in battle, the quota is set at seven thousand, if the capital camp is not enough to recruit from the people, I three days later personally inspect!”Zhu Youxiao turned back and said, “Please give me two other good horses to take to the palace.”…After Zhang Weixian left, Zhu Youxiao opened the small book, the names are not many, are he can rely on loyalty to minister: “civil officials xiong Tingbi, Sun Chuanting, Hong Chengqiu, Wang Zaijin, Yuan Keli, Xu Guangqi, Cui Chengxiu, Tian Ji, Wei Guangwei, Ni Wenhuan, Wu Chunfu, Song Yingxing, Bi Maokang!”His inner ministers were: “Wei Zhongxian, Wang Tigan, Wang Chengen, Xu Xianchun, Tian Ergeng, Cui Yingyuan, Yang Huan, Sun Yunhe!”As for the generals, although I know who they are, I will gradually cultivate them myself.Chang Shize, grandson of the British duke, could lead the imperial army.Then he wrote two decrees in person and said to the door: “King Xuan has come to see me!”…”See the emperor!”Wang Ti dry kneel on the ground!Zhu Youxiao observed the matter carefully and said, “I have two decrees here. You should first go to The Governor of Beizhen to deliver the decree for the cultivation of the field, and then you and him should go to Nanjing to deliver the decree. Once you have done this, you will be the Eunuch of the Minister of Ceremony and the pen.””In addition, I will pass the oral instructions to him, the Capital to Xu Xianchun, Nanjing to him, do not let me down, look at nanjing those ghosts and serpents!”…Beizhen fu division “quickly spread tian ergeng to see our home!”The king stood in the doorway with a decree in his hand.After waiting for nearly a quarter of an hour, Wang did not see tian-ergeng full of sweat.”What can father-in-law do for you?”Tilgen ran all the way here.King body dry will decree to Tian Ergeng, Tian Ergeng after looking at the consciousness and look at the eunuch in front of the king body dry zhu by the school’s dictation.Tian Ergeng after listening to immediately understand the emperor’s meaning, to the side of humanity: “speed to call the official belongs to the ti ride!”That night, hundreds of brocade Vitti riders and a eunuch galloped out of the city, heading south!And the British public Zhang Weixian will today into the palace of the holy things told his son Zhang Zhiji and grandson Zhang Shizze, they have a brilliant hope for the zhang family recasting.(Click on the card above to read the full text oh ↑) Thank you for reading, if you feel small series recommended books meet your taste, welcome to give us a comment message oh!Pay attention to the Boys’ fiction Research Institute, xiaobian continue to recommend wonderful novels for you!

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