Demolish illegal pigeon cage to improve living environment

Law enforcement personnel on the demolition of illegal pigeon coop.Pigeon pigeonholes hanging on the side of the building, standing on the roof of a rich community in Qingshan District, look like scars on old buildings from a distance, not only affecting the cleanliness and beauty of the city, but also disturbing its neighbors.In recent years, Qingshan district has been increasing the demolition work of the illegal construction of the old community pigeon cage, on the morning of March 31, the rich community fengyield Road street office of The Rich road 12 high loft pigeon cage began to be fully dismantled, opened the old qingshan district demolition of the air illegal construction work.On the morning of the day when the large crane was pulled into the no.1 neighborhood of Fengchang Road, residents expressed their opinions on the demolition of the pigeon cage outside the building and on the roof.”These illegally built pigeonholes make the neighboring residents miserable. The noise made by pigeons affects the rest of residents very much, and the feathers shed by pigeons cause pollution to the surrounding environment. Especially in rainy days, pigeon dung washed down by rain remains on the roads of the community, which is difficult to clean.All summer long, the neighborhood smelled of pigeon droppings.The most headache for residents on the top floor is that some of the roof leaks because the pigeon cage can not be repaired waterproof layer.In addition, the pigeonholes had been exposed to the elements for years, leaving many of them rusty and weathered, and the residents below feared the danger of objects falling off the roof in the event of high winds.In order to eliminate hidden dangers, in recent years, residents have repeatedly sought the relevant departments to report the situation, hoping to remove these illegal pigeonholes as soon as possible.””Said the resident.Zhao Qingjun, the first secretary of Fertile community, said: “Fertile community planned to remove pigeon cages in the renovation process of the old community last year. During the preliminary investigation, we found a total of 12 aerial pigeon cages in fengchang Road No.1 neighborhood.Some of these pigeon cottages belong to the former owners, abandoned after the resale of the house left no maintenance;Some residents have been raising pigeons.After understanding the basic situation, we together with qingshan District City management comprehensive law enforcement bureau door-to-door to the families of illegally built pigeon cages, explained the roof, building side building pigeon cages to raise a variety of hazards and the impact on the lives of neighbors, and issued a demolition notice, informed pigeon owners to settle pigeons in advance.”At 9 o ‘clock on March 31, the construction staff carried out demolition work on the 4 pigeon cages that had been vacated.Qingshan district city management comprehensive law enforcement bureau planning squadron captain Zhao Long introduced, according to the plan, half a month ago, planning squadron law enforcement officers and community grid members organized the establishment of a demolition special class, we communicate with pigeon people, developed a perfect demolition plan in advance.The demolition of 12 pigeonholes totaling more than 400 square meters is expected to be completed within three days. After the demolition, they will increase management and strictly control the rebound of such illegal construction.As we have learned, the rich and powerful road street office has 6 communities, each community has the pigeon cage that builds illegally.Zhao Qingjun introduces, because there is an area bigger, dove number more in the pigeon cage built illegally inside the no. 1 street of abundant produce road, the transport of pigeon and find a place for need time, can let this break the time to prolong.When this house is finally demolished, the community will repair the damaged facade and roof of the building, renovate the leaking roof, etc., to ensure the normal life of residents.Zhao Long said: “we in advance and made a demolition plan, fengproduce road no. 1 neighborhood is this year’s spring qingshan district the first overall demolition pigeonhole community.At present, qingshan district other old residential area, are actively carried out before the demolition of statistics and inform the work, later will be community as a unit, continue to promote the demolition of pigeon cage.”(Baotou Evening News Zhao Yongfeng)

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