Black leather boots over the knee, 10cm thick heel, with red bat coat, wear a special feeling

Some beauty hope their collocation can be particularly some, not through the style collocation gives others, every beauty when choosing item, will have their own ideas, when choosing clothes, nor aimless pick, but in a general direction, is choosing coat, or choose the dress, or high heels, in the process of selection,Many people also hope their life will be more wonderful. Every time they go out, they will carefully choose clothes and draw a delicate makeup.Early spring season, the weather is warm, is not so much that many people will pay attention to your match, select some special design, so their wear would present a different sense, the beauty selection collocation, the colour is very good-looking, a pair of thick with knee-high boots, black boots tube is the design of cultivate one’s morality, partial hard material, 10 cm thick with, show a good effect,And also see beauty leg model fine and straight, just can choose this boot, fashionable beauty to collocation, having own idea, also can choose a few delicate design, such a pair of good-looking boots, warmth has very fashionable feeling.Inside the collocation of their stretch hose, and is also a black style, slightly longer than the boots, boots will be very easy, boots have zipper design of color, so the dress is not too difficult, tie-in and stockings, this is relatively rare, in fact, beauty is tie-in color leggings, and a black skirt, but wear a lot of layers, but looking at is not very obvious,Slim style design, good-looking and very delicate, the collocation of fashion beauty, is to have their own ideas, before going out, are carefully checked a few times, so that they look more beautiful.The beauty of the coat is very special, a woolen cloth coat, bat is loose style, collocation in light grey knitted sweater, heat preservation effect is good, so this coat no sleeves, side open a mouth, that can put his hand back, also can take out, some beauty like this design, let you look a little special, but the garments is relatively wide,This coat is more of a good look and is loved by beautiful women, but it also shows the proportion of the body, and contrasts with the over-the-knee boots, and also echoes the color.Beauty of collocation, have their own ideas, of course, some wear is very pick shape, so if you want to elaborate collocation, attention should be paid to keep the figure, of course, to learn how to make up, will make you look more delicate makeup look, collocation show your figure, a lot of people think that would be difficult to choose clothes, often go to some fashion district observation, see what others are tie-in,It’s a lot easier to know what style you like and to choose clothes with an idea in mind.

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