A thoracoscopic mediastinal tumor resection was performed by Kay

Rednet Moment February 16 – (correspondent Li Jieyu) Recently, the cardiothoracic surgery team of Kaide Cardiovascular Disease Hospital of Zhuzhou completed a thoracoscopic resection of metastatic carcinoma after mediastinal tumor resection. An irregular 4cm*6cm mass was removed with only three “keyholes”. The operation went smoothly and the patient recovered well after surgery.Sister Chen, 50, developed thymus cancer several years ago and recovered after surgery.Not long ago, I found a large shadow in the left thoracic cavity. The CT report said: Changes after resection of mediastinal tumor;There is a lesion in the left posterior chest wall. A biopsy is recommended for metastatic carcinoma.This let her rushed to Zhuzhou Kaide Cardiovascular disease hospital cardiothoracic surgery for treatment.After completing relevant examinations, the biopsy result indicated “left posterior pleural medium – poorly differentiated squamous cell carcinoma”, which required surgery.”I’ve had this type of surgery before and the wound should be bigger and I’m afraid my body can’t handle it.”At the sound of another operation, Elder Sister Chen was very afraid.Xue Xiangsu, deputy director of the cardiothoracic surgery department of the hospital, told her: “There is a big difference between the current operation and the previous one. Patients do not need a ‘big thoracotomy’, only three small holes in the chest can be completed.Because the wound is small, small trauma, quick recovery, generally a week after the operation can be discharged.”Listen to the patient introduction of Dr. Xue Xiangsu, Chen elder sister gradually put down the psychological burden, accepted the surgical advice.The cardiothoracic surgery team composed of doctors Xue Xiangsu and Bao Shijun successfully completed the thoracoscopic resection of metastatic carcinoma after mediastinal tumor resection under general anesthesia. An irregular 4cm*6cm mass was removed in a minimally invasive way with less intraoperative bleeding.It is known that thoracoscopic surgery avoids large open incision, has the advantages of small trauma, quick incision healing, effective relief of postoperative pain and shorter hospital stay;More reasonable operation can effectively improve the postoperative survival rate of tumor patients;It can treat spontaneous pneumothorax, lung cancer and other lung diseases, esophageal cancer and other esophageal diseases and mediastinal diseases.Zhuzhou kai DE hospital cardiovascular disease has been successfully carried out under the thoracoscope, under thoracoscope lung resection of mediastinal/part + lymph were performed under the thoracoscope lung resection + pleural adhesions, loose solution under the thoracoscope lung bullae resection and so on a variety of minimally invasive surgery of chest, so far has been successfully completed dozens of Taiwan, marked the minimally invasive treatment technology has been carried out in kai tak mature,So that zhuzhou and surrounding areas of the vast number of chest disease patients can enjoy more scientific, humanized, high-level diagnosis and treatment technology and services.Source: Rednet author: Li Jieyu Editor: Yan Hong

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