Jinan Licheng Primary Experimental Middle School held the opening ceremony of the second semester of 2021-2022

Spring Festival Spring Festival, happy to see the tiger wind;After a safe and happy winter holiday, we gathered in the vibrant campus.Cold plum snow, spring willow return;The opening ceremony of the second semester of the 2021-2022 school year was held as scheduled on the morning of February 16 in the playground of Jinan Licheng Primary Experimental Middle School, with a beautiful vision for the future.”The eyes are filled with enthusiasm, the heart is ideal”, all the teachers and students energetic, with the best appearance together in the campus.In the warm applause, the opening ceremony officially began!The first ceremony: raising the national flag, playing the national anthem flag-raiser in the passionate march, with neat steps, with high posture, protect the flag forward.The national anthem is melodious, the national flag is flying, students with a new look to start a new journey.In the first semester of the 2021-2022 academic year, a number of outstanding students have emerged in the school. They have developed morally, intellectually, physically, aesthetically, and work in an all-round way, setting a good example for students to learn from.Vice principal Li Tiejun read out the award decision, vice principal Li Weikun, vice principal Li Tiejun, director Peng Tingting and three department directors presented prizes to the “top good boys” respectively.During the holiday, The Chinese women’s football team with the spirit of never say die, the plight into poems, let the sweat surging passion, rising hope in despair;Beijing Winter Olympics, athletes with sweat and hard work for the glory of the country, brought us a lot of surprises, and inspire us to go forward!Four representatives of “good young” made a speech under the national flag of “To grow up to be good young”. Their wonderful and beautiful language and uplifting demeanor reflected the appearance of young people in the new era.The third part of the ceremony: Singing “towards the future” at the end of the opening ceremony, under the leadership of the four young pioneers, all the teachers and students sang “Towards the future together” loudly!The song resounded over the campus, and all the teachers and students held their heads high and looked firm, accumulating positive energy for growth and development in the song!The future is full of beautiful vision and sonorous strength, inspire us to make every effort to strive for progress, good boy, do better themselves, together to the future!At the end of the ceremony, President Kou yen-chen gave a speech at the opening ceremony of the new semester.The future belongs to us!Let us practice the spirit and strive hard for tomorrow!Together to the future, solid walk every step;Together to the future, with diligence to write the vision of the future.Winter is over, spring is here, let us live up to our youth, live up to our expectations, set foot on the new starting line of 2022, together to the future, create a better tomorrow!Written by: Zheng Xinwei Department review: Political and Education Department final review: Peng Tingting editor: Li Shasha

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