5 reports | thinking, life is a broken game again and again

We always encounter a lot of unsolved problems in our work and life. I think they all boil down to one question: which comes first, the chicken or the egg?An ant crawling in the two-dimensional plane, it does not know what their next second will face, can only passively accept fate;But as humans, we can see the big picture from a third perspective.Einstein said: We cannot solve problems at the level of creating them.To really solve problems, learn to raise dimensions.How to think in ascending dimension?While ordinary people think in terms of action, exceptional people think in terms of the vision behind them.It is not the act itself that determines the action, but something higher.If you are standing at the end of the time axis, or if you are standing very far away from the time axis, change the time dimension and give yourself and the event enough time to get the result you want.There is a famous saying in the investment industry: 80% of the time the market is in the irregular shock, you can withstand how long to wait, how much profit can be obtained.Wait for the flowers to bloom, enjoy the roses of time.Perspectivethinking god’s Perspective: Look at everything as “self free” and don’t get caught up in your own emotions and feelings.God’s perspective allows you to either go in and feel the changes, or to step back and become an observer of what happens and what happens.Each of our lives may seem different, but they are remarkably similar.Going to college, getting a job, getting married, buying a house, getting a promotion, getting a raise, and raising kids — life moves in and out of these limited boxes, and you lose your exploration of the world early on.But if you are after the infinite, as Russell said: the longing for love, the search for wisdom, the pity for the suffering of mankind.Your outlook on life will change from narrow to broad.Difficult, but easy.Upgrading your mind can make you feel happy to get through the two channels.You don’t have to solve the problem, it will dissolve without you knowing it.The depth of thought determines the height of life.I have selected 5 quality reports for you to look at the changes of the world from multiple fields and perspectives, hoping to be of some help to you!Energy Industry Vision: China’s Energy System 2060 Carbon Neutral Construction Industry In-depth Report: How to view infrastructure Investment in 2022 under the “Steady Growth”?Find the report fxbaogao, you can read the report for free!

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