Zhanyi District Longhua street Peace primary school to carry out “civilized Internet access green Internet” theme education activities

In order to effectively protect the physical and mental health of minors, prevent Internet addiction, advocate mainstream social values, create a positive network culture environment, guide the majority of teenagers civilized Internet access, Longhua Street Taiping Primary school launched the “civilized Internet access, green Internet access” theme education activities.With the thematic team meeting as the starting point, guide students to self-perception and self-education.In the activity, each class strictly controlled the theme of the activity, through speeches, sitcoms and other vivid forms to present too much convenience brought to us by the Internet age, but also let the students realize that in primary school, students do not have strong self-control, easy to indulge in the Internet, and will be exposed to some bad information.Guide students to correctly use the network this “double-edged sword”, master the knowledge of safe Internet access, civilized Internet access, to purify the network environment to contribute their own strength.In order to further deepen the children’s understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of the network, the teaching class also through painting, hand-copied newspaper, calligraphy works and other forms, so that students understand the advantages and disadvantages of the network, know how to make reasonable use of the network, will “civilized Internet access, green Internet access” keep in mind.At the same time, a letter to Parents on Civilized And Green Internet was distributed through the wechat group of the class, urging all parents to fulfill their parental responsibilities, guide and educate their children correctly, and prevent their children from being addicted to the Internet.Correspondent Jiang Hongli wu Yuanxue reviewed Cui Pengfei

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