Wu Lei received ice dun dun snow rong rong, love, net friend: I also want to have an ice dun dun!

Recently, the Winter Olympic Games are in hot progress, our Olympic athletes gallop the field, for our country won a gold medal and another honor.The mascots of the Winter Olympics, Bing Dwen Dwen and Xue Rong Rong, are popular with the public.And Wu Lei received a set of the first version of the naive ice Dun Dun dun and Snow Rong Rong, after getting it, it can not put down, cheering, this expression, too cute.After the netizens see, are a face of envy envy hate, the most is “I also want to have an ice dwen Dwen”, which shows the netizens love for the Winter Olympics mascot.Wu lei was on duty for the Winter Olympics, and while receiving the handwork, he also attracted more attention for the Winter Olympics.In fact, whether ordinary people, or stars, there is no resistance to Bing Dwen Dwen, before Lu Han wish Deng Chao happy birthday, super brother wanted to xiao Lu an Bing Dwen dwen, it can be seen that the charm of Bing Dwen dwen is infinite.Ice dun dun attraction is too big, we line up a long queue, now make an appointment, can only arrive at the end of March, but it is still a stream of people like weave, endless.Wu Lei can receive a set, and it is the first edition, it is precious indeed, do not know to have Wu Lei, did you have ice pier pier?Finally, who got Ice Dwen Dwen?Put your hands up!If you have something to say, welcome to discuss!# Beijing Winter Olympics

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