Taiyuan rural areas clean heating reform coverage rate will reach above 96% this year

On February 17, a reporter from Shanxi Evening News learned from a press conference held by the information office of taiyuan municipal government that in 2022, Taiyuan will carry out comprehensive efforts in six aspects of “enterprise management, coal reduction, dust reduction, vehicle control, emergency response and capacity” to achieve continuous improvement of air quality.Of these, we continued to upgrade more than 20,000 rural households with clean heating, and the coverage of clean heating in rural areas reached more than 96 percent.In terms of enterprises, relocation demonstration will be carried out, relocation plans will be made, and heavy polluting enterprises such as secondary power enterprises will be gradually moved out of the main urban area of Taiyuan.Phase out backward processes and equipment, improve emission levels, complete upgrading and transformation of 4 foundry enterprises, and complete ultra-low emission transformation of 6 cement enterprises.We will continue to carry out investigations and rectification of “disorderly and dirty” enterprises, and dispose of newly found “disorderly and dirty” enterprises in a classified manner and dynamically eliminate them.In terms of coal reduction, clean coal should be replaced in areas that do not have the conditions for transformation, strictly implement the control requirements of “coal forbidden areas”, continue to clean up loose coal, collect inferior coal, organize clean heating “look back”, and put an end to repeated burning of loose coal.In terms of dust control, the city has strengthened the implementation of the “six hundred percent” standard for more than 1,400 construction sites, organized classification and evaluation of construction sites, carried out special actions to control dust pollution from construction sites, improved the cleaning rate of main and secondary roads, and effectively reduced dust pollution.In terms of vehicle control, we accelerated the construction of 2 special railway lines, strengthened the control and control of more than 20,000 non-road mobile machinery, accelerated the elimination of old cars, carried out sampling inspection of vehicle oil products and urea, and inspected the post-disposal devices of more than 4,000 national sixth gas vehicles in the city, and completed the elimination of medium and heavy diesel trucks assigned by the province.In terms of emergency response, the implementation of more than 1300 emergency emission reduction enterprises and more than 200 industrial source whitelist “one factory, one policy”, enterprise rating, the implementation of hierarchical control, resolutely put an end to “one size fits all”.Increase production limits for iron and steel and coking enterprises, negotiate with key enterprises to actively reduce emissions.In terms of capacity, accelerate the construction of environmental air quality monitoring network and VOCs monitoring of environmental air, carry out traceability analysis, study the spatio-temporal variation characteristics and evolution trend of six pollutants in environmental air quality, strengthen the support of scientific and technological means, and improve the capacity of scientific and technological pollution control.

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