Of the ten best beggars, Xiao Feng ranked third

Lu Has Feet Lu has feet is a man born to be the boss of the Gai gang, as can be seen from his name.For the bully dog, Lu has a foot is a kick past.Of course, his talent is not high, Hong Qigong said that he has no brain.The ninth history of fire dragon history of fire dragon is obviously higher than Lu has feet talent, although he only learned twelve dragon palm, but in the river’s lake has been awarded the title of “gold and silver palm”.He fought with Cheng Kun, and although he was defeated, he seriously wounded him.The eighth yaluqi yaluqi from the old urch Zhou Botong, when he was young, quanzhen school xuanmen pure martial arts, youth after the practice of dragon eighteen palm and dog stick method, left-handed, but also good at archery, diving, hands out of the ordinary.Among the leaders of the beggars, Yeluqi was the most outstanding.Among the most famous beggars, Huang Rong was the only one who did not practice the eighteen palms of the Dragon. After all, this fierce and domineous skill was not suitable for women.After all, Huang Rong had her advantages. She inherited the martial arts of Taohua Island and was extremely intelligent and versatile. She was one of the most famous Beggars.Wang Jiantong, nicknamed “sword beard”, is the eighth generation of the boss of The Gai gang. He has won the true legend of “Beating dog stick method” and “fighting dragon 28 zhangs”. His martial arts are first-class masters in all corners of the country, ranking above Huang Rong, of course.Fifth, You Tanzhi among all the beggars, You Tanzhi is the most peculiar existence.As the leader of the Gai gang, he not only didn’t practice the eighteen palm of dragon lowering, but also couldn’t beat the dog stick, which was the only one in the gai gang.But his martial arts were extremely powerful.He draws snow mountain millennium ice silkworm’s toxicity, the ice silkworm cold poison in the body gets god foot classics internal power’s cultivation, good and evil is complementary, fire and water phase aid, has become the world first-class a fierce internal power.This ice silkworm god function in a moment of movement in the body of the frozen gas issued through the palm, can be directly across the air wounding, in a blink of an eye ice into a snowman, poison hair died.He was also the only beggar leader of the evil sect.The fourth hong seven hong seven win swim tan that is no problem, after all, swim tan in addition to poison palm, other boxing kung fu but common.Hong Qigong was very proficient in the two miraculous skills of The Gai Gang, ranking among the “five talents” in the world.Xiao Feng’s strength is not in doubt, he is a god of war.No matter how banal the move, in his hands can be transformed into magic, great power.The second Gai Gang Patriarch’s skill should be above Xiao Feng, after all, the two great miraculous feats of Gai Gang were founded by him.Can create the dragon 18 palm and beat the dog stick method, should and Duan Siping, Murong Longcheng, unfortunately, martial arts did not leave his name.It is clearly stated in the book of the first and third chief bangzhu that the third chief Bangzhu’s martial skills are higher than that of the founder of The Gai Gang, and he added numerous mysterious changes to the method.For hundreds of years, when the boss of the Gai gang was in a crisis, they often used the method of beating dogs and sticks to kill enemies and deter evil spirits.

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