Hunan Network Engineering Vocational College: to promote the fruits of teaching by competition teachers show style together

Rednet moment Changsha, January 28 – (correspondent Yan Kai) Ideological and political education teaching is the main line through the school work, its solid progress needs ideological and political curriculum and curriculum ideological and political collaborative innovation, go hand in hand.As the main position of “curriculum ideological and political” work, specialized courses play an irreplaceable role in promoting the internalization and externalization of the party’s innovation theory into practice.Since the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), focusing on the goal of moral education, the university has actively explored a new model of “three-in-one education” with classroom as the center, coordinated innovation and overall promotion, and achieved remarkable results.In the “2021 Hunan Vocational College Teachers ideological and Political Education Teaching Ability Competition”, Hunan Network Engineering Vocational College won 2 second prizes and 2 third prizes.In order to ensure the effectiveness of ideological and political education, the university has established a teaching management mechanism of “unified leadership of the Party Committee, joint efforts of the Party and government, and close cooperation between functional departments and colleges”.School by the secretary of the party committee Xie Guobao 1 is in charge of ideological and political work, set up the job of teaching of ideological and political education into the school party important agenda, one party or administrative meetings every semester, research of ideological and political education situation, secretary and the principal leading into the classroom, take the lead in pushing forward the construction of the ideological contact education teachers take the lead.Since the selection competition of ideological and political education teaching ability was launched in August, the Party Committee and administration of the school attached great importance to this competition. Principal Yang Bin and Vice Principal Liu Baiyan held relevant meetings for many times and required the Teaching Affairs Office to organize the participating teams to prepare for the competition carefully.And invite experienced experts from the teaching contents and ideological elements, face-to-face teaching method and process, the effects of the classroom, teachers’ quality, sensors and actuators, learning evaluation team of teaching design, field practice and question-and-answer session has carried on the review and special training, for the four athletes achieve good results have laid a solid foundation.In order to improve the efficiency of teaching and learning transformation, the school of Information has implemented the mode of education through teaching reform and implementation, which has effectively achieved the teaching objectives and improved the students’ course scores.The average score of this year’s students in the network security protection related theory test was 83.3 points, and the comprehensive score was 8.8 points higher than that of last year.Network security administrator certification system simulation assessment pass rate of 100%, excellent rate of 62.5%;The pass rate for intermediate network security administrators is 95%.Statistics show that the overall rate of students’ online independent learning, participation rate, check-in rate and completion rate of after-school exercises have increased by 19.6% compared with the last session.Game this Lu Yan qiu-fen Yang, Hu Ting teachers and team members is based on the teaching the research model, network security technology course to represent their school vocational education professional course group, the project team to follow the rules of students’ cognition and skills formation, teaching through “strong consciousness, skill, and be loyal guards of the national cyber security” of the ideological line,Whole process by way of “six,” to carry out the curriculum education, adopting cooperative exploration, methods of virtual simulation and real environment of actual combat, the political education integration, multiple detection, offline “teaching strategy, build” lead and coach review its six links “teaching mode, to create professional and efficient classroom ecology, recommends the double parallel, cultivate loyal guards of the national cyber security.Public English team letter and waley, Liu Yihui Xie Yudan teacher liu, blend in with hunan characteristics of excellent culture course content and reconstruct the teaching material content, cultural inheritance, MingYi polite, bear responsibility, innovation four ideological theme educational potential of mining course, through the course of learning, to improve the students’ ability to use English to promote hunan culture,It promotes the development of students into responsible professionals with an international perspective.The two teams finally won two second prizes by virtue of their daily teaching experience and stable on-site performance.Focus on target tasks Build a new pattern of education schools will always adhere to the khalid ents, give full play to the education of socialism with Chinese characteristics education advantage, ideal faith education as the core, with the socialist core values as the lead, will be based on the characteristics of professional and curriculum, combine school and learn, mining course contains the ideological elements,At present, more than 30 teachers of the school have participated in the ideological and political teaching competitions above the provincial level and won national and provincial awards.Among them, 2 national awards were won;It has won 7 provincial first prizes and more than 10 provincial second prizes.In the future, according to the idea of “promoting learning, teaching and reform through competition”, the school will continue to carry out curriculum ideological and political construction throughout the whole process of talent cultivation, guide teachers of all majors to continuously strengthen curriculum ideological and political theory quality, comprehensively improve teachers’ education and teaching ability, and create “golden courses” and curriculum ideological and political demonstration courses in the new era.To construct a “great ideological and political” work pattern of three-in-one education with the unified leadership of the Party Committee, full support of the administration, active participation of ideological and political teachers, and close cooperation of professional teachers and counselors, and effectively improve the ideological and political education effect in the course teaching process.

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