Good for soup and good for beekeepers, they bloom all year round

A few years ago, an uncle of my hometown had an attack of appendicitis in the middle of the night. The pain was unbearable, so he asked his wife to get up and go to the brook by flashlight to pull out some ghost needleweed and boil soup.After drinking it, it didn’t hurt very long. It felt so magical!I found it all over the place, especially by the stream, and it grew in patches, not to say strong, but in some of the poor ground, though not so strong.I never thought this little ghost needle could save a life at a critical moment!Later, I raised some bees in the field, began to be interested in flowers and plants.I found this ghost needle plant in bloom all year round.But they are afraid of the frost, which kills them, but they soon grow again the next year, and soon bloom again.Why is it in bloom all the year round? I found a bunch of ghost needles under a bridge, where there is no frost, so it is in bloom all the year round.Because of the constant flowering, it also attracts bees.But bees are also ghosts. During the honey season, bees do not like to collect ghost needles. Only a handful of bees fly there and come only when the other flowers have faded.This is probably because the plant secretes less honey, so its strategy is to bloom all year round.Where there is a ghost plant, beekeepers don’t have to worry about the bees not eating the ghost plant. In addition to that, I often pull it home and dry it in the sun, and then make soup to drink.Because I have heard that eating duck stew soup is very good for people’s health.First I went down to the creek and pulled up some ghost needles, root to root.Wash the sand, cut it into small pieces and put it in the sun. It will soon dry in two days.Then went to the supermarket to buy half a half female muscovore duck meat, after coming back to cut the duck meat into small pieces, and then in the water inside a water, into the stew, add the right amount of water, put a dried ghost needle grass, add a little salt.And then it simmers in a pressure cooker for 40 minutes.Braised duck soup ah, that taste is really delicious ah.If you can, try it!

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