“Eternal god emperor” rob zunzun yiyuntian, millions of years ago the mystery of the big honour

Preface: very admire the values of rob zunzu, every woman is true love in front of you, go all out for each true love, cherish the present person.The venerable Hijacker was in a magical quantum state.Without being observed, it has both slag and non-slag properties.When a highjacker is observed by a woman, he is deeply in love.When the looter is observed by men, he is a man who cheats and plays with women’s feelings.Yuan Yuyin was ready to explode before she came.An indeterminable and infinite man who had no right to confront the half-patriarch in his early days.Yuan Yuyin is prepared for the worst.The Meta-tao have been bullied by the Chaos for a long time.Yuan Yuyin wants to fight the chaos clan once and make the chaos clan pay the price.Strive for justice for the yuan Dao people.The emperor of yuan Dao has grown up.Can assume the future of the Meta – tao race.Then came the jacking man.Yuan Yin Rustling in his fall before let rob zunzu, is to want to draw this paragraph of feelings on a full stop.Originally yuan Yin Rustle ready to fall.Now here comes the highjacker, willing to live and die with him, blood on the same soil.With the help of mani Beads, the half-patriarch can’t stop the god from exploding.The great god will explode, and the whole Mountain will be razed to the ground.It’s powerful, but it’s not much of a deterrent, because the hijacker doesn’t want to die.He’s here to save people.He has no vendetta against Wujian Ridge.He didn’t deserve to die here.Success is getting the Element out of there.Yuan Ruyin saw this scene, very moved.The magic fire immediately burned.Planning on actually taking the venerable and falling down here together.The magic fire has gone out.Now it seems that the robber needs a little persuasion.Don’t let the yuan fall.The source is solid and cannot be restored once broken.Magic fire is liquid, can be dispersed, should be able to be retracted.It’s just as well. Without a death wish, chaos won’t be deterred.You won’t back down.The last two will still be suppressed.Now with the determination to die, zunzun and Yuan Ruyin can negotiate with the chaos old zu.It is possible to reclaim the territory of the Yuan Dao clan, and it is also possible to come to utantra flower.I think, yuan Yin now do not want to fall.Before the heart is dead, no care.Fall and fall.Now that love is back, the heart is alive.The yearning for love, will let yuan Yin rustle reluctant to fall.If we live only to die, and there is no sign of dying, we will not get real vitality.So, what happened between the Great Zun and the Ancient race millions of years ago.Long, long ago, the Swire race was suppressed in the Dark Pit, and the Swire race will always find a way out.What is a good opportunity?I think heaven and hell are at their weakest.When heaven and hell are strong, the ancient race should stay in place.Millions of years ago, Dazun was still alive.At that time, Dazun was the ancestral realm.Big honour still has a very strong move, thirty-three tianyu can suppress disorderly ancient all strong on imposing manner.The archaic race would never attack a deserted city while the Grand Master was alive.They’ll be as honest as they can be.Millions of years ago, dazun’s longevity was running out.It seemed most likely that all the heavens of heaven and hell would petition.Hope to lead 24 days to go, completely destroy the ancient race.To defuse this threat once and for all for future generations.At that time the twenty-four heavens were the attackers.Ancient creatures are defenders.And at that time too ancient creatures of the clan emperor should fall a few.The current five Kings were all born in the ten yuan Society.Dazun does not want to destroy the Ancient race, hope to give the ancient race a chance.I made a pact with the Archaic race.Persuade the twenty-four to retreat.It was the twenty-four heavens that wanted to attack the Ancient race, and Dazun was protecting the ancient race in disguise.So yuan Dao clan will read the good of the great Honor.Thought that the great One had given them ten dollars of meeting time.The chauns are hungry wolves. Dazun protected the chauns.The chaos ancestors believe that the Great One has imprisoned their ten yuan society.According to the situation of the Ten Yuan Society, when the taigu race wanted to leave the dark pit, there was only one outcome, the entire army was destroyed.Simply put, it’s a lack of appreciation.”Eternal God Emperor” invincible war power list of the first episode of the manga, Zhang Ruochen reborn “Eternal God Emperor” nine dead different emperor detailed explanation, about his tenth analysis want to know more wonderful content, come to pay attention to Yeyang Qianlong

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