Difficult to remove yellow stains from stainless steel pans?Teach you a trick, wipe a wipe, old pot into a new pot

Speaking of our food culture, it can be traced back to a very long time. In the beginning, we did not eat cooked food, and gradually developed to drill wood for fire, and then into different times.Gradually, I began to have a variety of small kitchen tools, gradually cooking, cooking with POTS and pans, when I was a child, the biggest impression of POTS and pans was a big iron pot.Once I went to the tofu house in the village to play, I saw a very large iron pot, a small room, the area of the iron pot accounted for more than half.At that time, there was no machine to make tofu, so it was made by hand. However, the taste of tofu at that time was also uncomparable to the tofu made by machines now.It is not only tofu that has changed, but now we have moved to the city to live in the old big iron POTS, which are rarely seen in the city, and some POTS and utensils have even been eliminated.Now we are using mostly non-stick and stainless steel POTS, to see the figure of iron POTS, can only go to some restaurants.But now non-stick pot and stainless steel pot, although popular, there are very many problems, today take stainless steel pot and everyone to discuss it.Why does the stainless steel pan appear yellow stain and black scale?If you don’t know how to clean a dirty old pot, here’s how to make it look like a new one.Why do stainless steel pans turn black and yellow?Why do stainless steel pans turn black and yellow?In fact, this principle is similar to the iron pot we used before, the bottom of the iron pot after being burned by the fire for a period of time, will accumulate a lot of ash.When I was a child, I often saw adults scraping the bottom of the pot with a shovel. I used to rub the bottom of the pot with my friends.I remember that time when I was a child was really very happy. Now WHEN I grow up and learn to cook, I know that cooking is also a very difficult thing.The ash at the bottom of the pot is because of the fire burning for a long time, and the stainless steel pot will appear at the bottom of the black problem, but also because of the fire burning often, so will accumulate a thick layer of black scale.You can observe carefully whether the stainless steel pot is black on the bottom and yellow on the sides of the pot and the yellow on the 4 weeks of the pot, and it’s like yellow stains because these stains come from the dishes that we make.When we are cooking or stewing soup, food juices often spill out, and we do not clean them timely. After high temperature, they will stick to the pot for 4 weeks, which is difficult to clean, and gradually the color will become darker.Many people choose to use detergent to clean when cleaning, but they can not clean off, because detergent can only clean the stains on the dishes, in the face of these difficult to clean stains is not effective.If you want to clean the black and yellow stainless steel problem, in fact, or to the right medicine, with special cleaning products to clean.How to clean a stainless steel pan?We should pay attention to a problem when cleaning the stainless steel pot, that is, the stains on the stainless steel pot at this time have been very serious, and it is useless to clean with ordinary detergent.It’s not just dishwashing liquid. We used to know that using white vinegar, baking soda and salt to clean is not effective, so we have to use special cleaning products.Today we are going to teach you a trick, how to thoroughly clean the yellow and black dirt on the stainless steel pot, do not need to use those complicated cleaning methods, only need to use stainless steel cleaning cream.We can see from the name, it is specifically for stainless steel appliances cleaning products, if the stainless steel pot in your home has appeared the above problems, so it is correct.His way of cleaning is actually very simple, do not need to use steel wire ball, only need to use clean sponge, everyone at the time of cleaning stainless steel pot, it is important to note that a problem is never use steel wool to clean, damages the coating on the surface of the stainless steel with steel wire ball, let was full of ugly scratches on stainless steel pot.Use a light sponge with stainless steel cleaning cream is the best way to clean, use a cleaning sponge to dip in the appropriate amount of stainless steel cleaning cream, first clean from the bottom of the pot evenly smear on the bottom of the pot where there is black dirt, circle type smear back and forth for a few minutes.I found that the stainless steel cleaning cream began to turn black slowly, and the black dirt on the bottom of the pot began to fall off slowly. At this time, rinse with water and reapply the stainless steel cleaning cream on the place where the black dirt is heavy, and the black dirt on the bottom of the pot will disappear after cleaning once again.Pot 4 weeks of cleaning method is the same, with this method of cleaning can make the stainless steel pot in the home become the same as the new, and we must regularly clean stainless steel pot, otherwise stainless steel pot on the black scale and yellow stains will affect its degree of heat.I believe that you should know how to make the stainless steel pot look new, click the link below you can make your old pot new pot.# Breathing home #

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