After Wu Zetian was forced to abdicate, how did she spend the rest of her life?Why die in less than a year?

Why was Wu Zetian forced to abdicate after 15 years in power when she forced her son to abdicate after her husband died?How did she spend the rest of her life after her abdication?Why die in less than a year?It is well known that Wu Zetian was the first and only female emperor in Chinese history. After the death of her husband, Li Zhi, Wu Zetian ruled for many years before she officially declared herself emperor at the age of 67. She did not officially declare herself emperor until she was 82.And she since the upper face is the successor of the problem, who’s succession after his death, not only relates to the future of the whole dynasty, as a female emperor, itself is likely to lead to criticism and discontent, if the next emperor did not choose the right, then, even after the death of wu zetian may also be in liquidation, just like she used to dig the grave of the founding hero Xu Maogong,Wu Zetian herself might have been casketed and flogged.Then she and lee’s royal settled, in the production of a large number of loyal to Li Tang royal secretary, to persuade, wu zetian also decided to returned to the lees, and successor Li Xian chose his own son, so after wu zetian abdication, Wu Zhou Li Tang again, so in the field of Li Xian recalled, in east with the crown prince,In fact is not such a thing in history, no female emperor, who lived in ages past succession to wu or surnamed li, there is no precedent, the emperor and succession to and he himself is not a name of person is little, but is to choose his own son, but still the safest way, again how, she is also the mother of Li Xian, datang emperor’s next mother,Even if his throne did not, there is their own identity here, coupled with a lot of marriage between the two families, enough to ensure that after his death the Wu will not be liquidated, but the wu others do not think so, li also do not think so.Wu zetian to self-rule in the lees, let his son Li Xian succession, but buke others is not willing to give up, wu zetian the nephew think there is an opportunity, in order to let the prince who fall to wu family, has been lobbying, not only trying to woo the secretary, wu zetian himself and its disturbance, be dead after many times refused to not let wu family, wu zetian,Scepter killed a number of table expostulate her minister, it just let them start to shut up.And Li Jiaren showdown, because after wu zetian arranged matters, and their young men all day long shandong clique, Zhang Yizhi brother si, thus abandoned, even for a long time not see outside, it also makes a lot of people, especially the lee family began to worry about, although things are in place, but they are afraid of late – andThen a prime minister zhang Jian as a representative of the ministers, united the prince launched a divine Dragon coup, forced Wu Zetian to abdication, in order to remove Wu Zetian’s wings, they will Zhang Zongchang and Zhang Yi zhi two brothers, as well as a number of followers all get rid of.In fact the coup risk is great, because wu zetian, after all, already arranged things adventure coup, if things goes well enough, Li Xian prince of variables may appear, fortunately, wu zetian also know his unpopularity, succession to Li Xian is also conveniently to, so didn’t do too much resistance.Finally Wu Zetian announced the removal of emperor number, said “then the great saint queen”, and Li Xian successfully sat on the throne, Wu Zetian also began his life after abdication, but unfortunately less than a year died, so in the one year after abdication time, How is Wu Zetian spent?There are many theories about how Wu Zetian died, but two main ones are as follows:Is a psychological problem, no matter for who, when the emperor more than ten years, and then all of a sudden loss of imperial power, there must be a lot of psychological gap, wu zetian so natural, and not from her when the emperor wu zetian came to power, real power have many decades, at the beginning was the queen Li Zhi drought absence due to the body,Wu zetian master’s power is more and more gradually, after the abdication, lost power, not only their own minions and factions have also been removed, can in the side to accompany her the person is little, only sons Li Xian every ten days to go to the, it even can’t find a speaker at ordinary times, the loneliness is unbearable.After The death of Emperor Gaozong Li Zhi, it was the arrival of Zhang Yizhi and Zhang Changzong who made up for wu Zetian’s emotional gap. This is why wu Zetian did not get rid of the two brothers, although they were involved in the government, and their death also left Wu zetian without emotional support.From the attention of the people, unprecedented female emperor, to no one cares about the lonely, can imagine how much psychological blow she will be.And another is the physical reason, when empress wu abdicated is 82 years old, you know in ancient life and health condition is not very good, even the emperor also has a lot of a premature death, wu zetian can live to be 82 years old is very rare, and as the emperor, she worry every day, the body if not a serious illness, age, small must be have a lot of trouble,In this way, under the double torture of psychology and physiology, Wu Zetian abdicated only 11 months and then died of depression.This article by the history of the original, welcome to pay attention to, with you long knowledge!

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