Xu Luxi: devoting herself to medical technology research for decades, waiting for her husband Deng Jiaxian to return for 28 years

Deng Jiaxian, a forever living in people’s hearts, fresh in history textbooks, is one of the people who moved China.He is the treasure of China, is a world-famous physicist, is the pioneer and leader of nuclear weapons research, is well-known “two bombs and one xun”.Because of him, let China’s science and technology to a higher level, in front of the world, to promote China’s national defense leading the world level of development.As the saying goes, there must be a great other half behind the great figure, and there is a great woman behind the great Deng Jiaxian — Xu Lusxi.Deng Jiaxian shines in his own field, the contribution to the motherland can be said to be great as an epochal.His outstanding, a large part of the credit comes from the influence of the family of origin.His father was a professor at Peking University, Tsinghua University, Beijing Medical University and other famous universities at that time. He had his own unique views in the field of philosophy and had been a close friend of Yang Wuzhi, the father of Nobel Prize winner Yang Zhenning, for many years.Because of the accumulation of the family of origin, Deng Jiaxian provided a very superior learning and growth environment for his later development. The so-called “tiger father has no dog son” and “the youth outshines the blue”, Deng Jiaxian’s growth is just confirmation of these two famous sayings.Xu Luxi was dubbed the wife of the “Hero of two Bombs” because of her husband’s excellence, which is also known to the world, but we ignore her own excellence.From her native families, like xu LuXi and deng jiaxian is suitable for, her father Xu Dehang when war was admitted to Beijing university, and the outstanding students from MAO zedong, Deng Zhongxia feelings people have a great home countries, together with your devoted himself to participate in the patriotic movement and contribute their power of the Anti-Japanese War.He also had an excellent wife, brought together by Peking University president CAI Yuanpei.It is reported that his wife is called Jun Exhibition, is a French student, graduated from the University of Lyon to obtain a master’s degree, after further study in the University of Paris, majoring in science, in Madame Curie’s side to learn about radium professional, and xu Deheng is seeking to save the way to study in France, two people know each other by chance coincidence.So, the combination of two people in addition to The matchmaking of CAI Yuanpei, but also between them have this innate fate.It can be seen that Xu’s excellence also benefits from his parents who have such a vision.She has been influenced by good education since childhood, with excellent academic performance, hard work and progress.Later, I was admitted to Beijing Medical College with my own efforts. My main research field was anatomy. After graduation, I worked as a teacher in the anatomy Room and was gradually employed as lecturer, associate professor, professor and other honorary positions.Later, he joined the Communist Party of China and became an outstanding and active member of the Communist Party.As a medical researcher and senior educator, she is conscientious and diligent in her work, especially in her treatment and guidance of students’ education.In order to better inherit and develop anatomy, she not only explained it carefully, but also sorted out and translated foreign literature and books on anatomical experience, so that students could make great breakthroughs in their research.Later, she continued to make persistent efforts in hospital research, constantly exploring new questions.In the early 1980s, neuro-immune cytochemistry became popular internationally.Professor xu LuXi one of the best universities and immediately begin to go to the United States for more than three months of study, and actively organize domestic neural immunocytochemistry method of class teaching, technical demonstrations, yourself at the same time also brought in experts to give lectures, strive to make the students can in theory and practice have a clear cognition.Therefore, this advanced medical technology has been rapidly promoted in China, and has fostered 10 outstanding graduate students, 2 doctoral students and 1 post-doctoral fellow in China, making great contributions to the research and inheritance of neuroanatomy in China.In the face of heavy teaching and scientific research, Professor Xu luxi also does not forget the work of the institute, and actively participates in the compilation of relevant textbooks. He has authored classic medical literatures such as Anatomy on the Spot, Neuroanatomy Practice and Neurotissue Section Technology.For more than 40 years, he has always adhered to the front-line education and scientific research, promoted the technical development of Chinese medical field, and tried to fill the professional gap. He has been working hard in his own field, and has been recognized and admired by anatomical peers and thousands of students, quietly shining in his own field.Two, if the two love for a long time, why not in the morning and evening xu Lu Xi and Deng Jiaxian, not only in the career also shine, but also mutual achievement.In love and family, their love is also worth singing.Xu Luxi and Deng Jiaxian’s combination, is popular, is a congenial, is dawei.In 1953, like all young people, they joined hands in love and married.At first, their life was comfortable and sweet.Soon, they had their own crystallization of love, Xu Luxi thought that the plain and beautiful life will continue.Until one day, a mysterious mission destroys that vision.In 1958, Deng Jiaxian received a mission notice from the motherland, to carry out a great scientific research construction, the date of return is uncertain, external must be absolutely confidential, and can not even communicate with his family.Xu Luxi learned that, without saying anything else, she would naturally choose to support her husband, silently bear the family responsibility, take care of their parents, children, themselves, but also undertake heavy work tasks, the top of the family day, let her husband have no worries.The difference is 28 years.As a newlywed couple, the real time together is not more than five years, although Deng Jiaxian will come back once in a while, but it is very short, in his own joking words, home and business trip is not much different.Later, the research base was moved to a remote desert area, and the two men began to meet occasionally very rarely.Until 1964-1967, two bombs and one star succeeded in test detonations, as the pioneer of China’s nuclear weapons, Deng Jiaxian finally completed his mission.He returned home, gathered with his family, and continued his warm life with his wife.But good times did not last long, Deng Jiaxian was unfortunately harmed by radiation in nuclear tests, was diagnosed by the hospital later rectal cancer.Until 1986, Deng Jiaxian died of accidental hemorrhage due to surgery. This time, he truly and forever left his home, his beloved wife Xu Luxi.Xu Luxi has been living in this small house of 60 square meters since they got married.Although he has become a famous senior intellectual at home and abroad and a national treasure, he is still very low-key and indifferent to fame and wealth.For Xu, the 60-square-meter house is filled with the sweetness of their marriage, the warmth of having a baby and the happy times of being a family.She is not willing to, also do not want to move away from here, everything here has Deng Jiaxian’s footprints, with Deng Jiaxian’s items, with their common memories.In the eyes of outsiders, Xu Lusxi’s 28 years of waiting was very painful, lonely and long, but She did not think so. She thought it was the best life for her. Although she and Deng Jiaxian were only together for a few years, they lived a happy and meaningful life.The so-called two love for a long time, why in every morning and evening.They work hard and achieve each other, and have achieved leading honors in their respective fields.Emotionally, they warm each other, give each other spiritual high comfort, this is probably the greatest love about it……

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