Wang fried combination wang Frost absence, Wang Shanshan impending savior elected MVP: extra time absolutely flat, point shot

Chinese women’s soccer champion Wang Shanshan scored the winner of the penalty shootout in extra time to win the women’s Asian Cup semifinal against Japan in the early morning of February 4, Beijing time.After the game, Wang Shanshan was also elected the MVP of the game.Wang Shuang and Wang Shanshan were the mainstay of the Chinese women’s soccer team, but wang Shuang suddenly injured herself in training before the semifinals, leaving only Captain Wang Shanshan for the team.And the first half of the regular time, in the case of the leaky Defense of The Chinese women’s football team, Wang Shanshan also pulled the defense line to fill the gap.However, as a striker, Wang Shanshan showed his value in the extra time. With the extra time running out, the Chinese women’s football team failed to create a threat with the free kick. However, Zhang Xin’s cross from the left was sent to the front point, and Wang Shanshan, with her keen sense of striker, helped the Chinese women’s football team to complete the goal.Penalty shootout, as the captain, Wang Shanshan took the penalty in the fifth round, in the case of The Japanese team has missed the penalty, Wang Shanshan as long as the ball, The Chinese women’s football team can eliminate the opponent.But Wang Shanshan also withstood the pressure and led the Chinese women’s football team to the final.After the game, the AFC official also named Wang Shanshan as the MVP of the game, if the final, Wang Shuang can come back, plus Wang Shanshan continues such a state, the final beat South Korea will be a probability event.

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