Steel prices generally rose, Tangshan billet up 50 yuan

◎ Shanghai: 11 early trading building materials market prices up 20-30.Now thread 4850-4890, Xicheng Seismic 4890, others 4760-4820, Xingxin Seismic 4830, Lianxin Yellow Sea seismic 4840, Panluo 4970-5140, Gaoxian Yaxin 4870.Beijing: The building materials market price was stable on the morning of the 11th, Hegang small thread 5100-5120, large thread 4950-4980, screw 5140.Hangzhou: 11 morning building materials market price up 20, 4950 in Luosha 4950 xicheng 4940 Zhejiang Huahong 4830 Jiangsu Rongxin 4830 long seismic 4940 wire zhongtian 5140 Yaxin 4900 lianxin Huang Hai Panluo 5020.Fuzhou: on the morning of the 11th, the price of building materials market rose 30 percent. The current line sanbao 5220, Luosan 5010, Sanbao 4990, Dadonghai 4990, Wutie 4980, Pansan 5290, Sanbao 5270.Jinan: The price of building materials market is stable temporarily in the morning of the 11th.Laigang thread 4940, Yongfeng, stone cross thread 4930, Yongfeng, stone cross disk screw 5230.Chongqing: On the morning of the 11th, the price of building materials market rose 30-40, and there are Luo5040 and Pan5170 of Steel, Luo5020 and Pan5080 of Yonghang, Luo5020 and Pan5080 of Lu Steel.Shanghai: the hot roll market price rose 50 in the morning of the 11th. Now the mainstream quotation is 5110-5130 YUAN/ton for 1500PU and 5200-5220 Yuan/ton for 1800.1500 manganese 5240 yuan/ton, 1800 at about 5290 yuan/ton, 2.75Q235B at 5230-5260 yuan/ton, 2.75SPHC at about 5350 yuan/ton.(unit: yuan/ton) : on the morning of the 11th, the hot roll market price rose 40,4.75 pu liuyan 5090-5100, 2.75 pu 5130-5280 manganese 5280-5300.Jinan: On the morning of the 11th, the hot coil market price rose 70, now China Railway 4.75mm general coil quoted at 5120, low alloy market is out of stock quoted at 5310, some specifications are short.Tianjin: 11 morning cold rolling market price up 30,1.0 tiantie 5530 (st12) shougang 5540 tangang 5510 baotang 5510, trading light.Wuhan: the 11th morning cold rolling market price rose 50,1.0 baosteel qingshan roll 5650,1.5 roll 5620,3.0 roll 6200.Chongqing: 11 morning cold rolling market price up 30,1.0 panzhihua 5630, liusteel 5580, baotou steel 5590, baosteel qingshan 5600.Hangzhou: On the morning of the 11th, hangzhou Youspecial Steel market price rose 20 percent.Now 45# φ 30 above the mainstream price hang 5470 huai 5470 south 5460, yuan li (straight hair) 5450 day 5460 east 5400,40 Cr hang 5680 huai 5730;Gear Laigang 5900, Cr-Mo Jianlong 6030 Huai Steel 6080.◎ Sea salt: on the 11th, the price of sea salt wire drawing increased by 40, Q195 Huaxi 5100 Jiujiang 5090 cast tube 5160, Q235 Jiujiang 5090 Beitai 5030.Billet: The direct delivery of steel billets in Tangshan on 11th was generally transacted, and the warehouse spot was quoted at about 4820 yuan/ton including tax, and some transactions were done.Downstream finished material different range up, the overall transaction is acceptable.Tangshan Qian ‘an area general billet resources ex-factory tax increased by 50, reported 4740 yuan.It is expected to run after the billet factory price rises in the afternoon.◎ Scrap steel: Shanghai scrap steel price temporarily stable on 11th, after specific adjustment:Steel plate material ≥6mm3380-3420, Angle groove ≥4mm3280-3320, heavy waste 3140-3200, medium waste shear material 3000-3040, light waste shear material 2800-2860 light waste 2640-2700 series waste 2610-2650 oil chip 2470-2510 without tax.◎ Pig iron: On the 11th, the price of pig iron for steelmaking in China was partially increased.Linfen 4130 Wuan 4150 Tangshan 4150 Laiwu 4200 Linyi 4150 Zibo 4150 Fujian 4350 Inner Mongolia 4100 Kunming 3850 Xinjiang 3700 Liaoyang 3950 Hubei 3950◎ Coke: On the 11th, rizhao and Qingdao port coke spot temporarily stable operation.Market trading atmosphere is active, there were a number of resources yesterday.Current trade cash export: quasi grade 1 coke 2850, grade 1 coke 2950;Factory acceptance closing: Level 2 2710, quasi-level 1 2810, level 1 2910, including tax price.(Unit: Yuan/ton)

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