Intelligent business circle solution based on map and AR navigation ability

Intelligent business circle solution based on map and AR navigation function to provide services.Precise positioning + situational awareness, enabling both developers and offline merchants.The solution of intelligent business circle is based on the perception of the user’s current scene.The solution deeply integrates digital technologies such as precise positioning, AI and AR, enabling real-time perception and accurate judgment of a series of scenarios such as the user’s position.Especially in the coming era of “Internet of everything”, operations need scenarioization, and accurate positioning and situational awareness will become a basic technical ability to support user operations.In order to help developers integrate into the scene service ecology of smart business circle, various capabilities of scene awareness service are acquired in one integration while studying precise positioning technology.For example: the user’s location (whether to enter the smart business circle, what location in the shopping mall), whether on holidays, etc., and can be used together.Developers invoke the SDK to take advantage of the rich capabilities of situational awareness services.Precise positioning +AI scene awareness, dual empowerment, can help developers and service providers to sense users’ approach to the target area in real time and accurately, and provide services for them through the “service number”, realizing the integration of offline and online services.As a digital service providers, will also help developers and millions of offline businesses, into the wisdom of the new business circle created by technological change scenario, let the wisdom in the business circle of service can provide abundant service entrance through a mobile operator, with millions of offline users establish a connection, the realization of digital transformation and upgrading of business management wisdom.

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