From the change of the dress of the little sister holding the brand, we can see the trend change of the Chinese style of the Olympic Games

The more luo unlined upper garment spring breeze, jade carved kylin belt red.If wearing is a kind of culture, this culture is closely related to the development of society. Every prosperity and progress of the motherland can be reflected and extended from small clothes and wearing.From Chinese elements to patterns and patterns, I have foreseen the changes of clothing and the power of science and technology.The opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games was a complete success, one by one down jacket highlights, a sense of science and technology elements, a surprise appearance, refreshing people’s cognition, let us for the Winter Olympic Games more romantic and aesthetic.Netizens said: “Director Zhang is the most understanding of Chinese elements and romantic feelings,” which is true.”Appearance Level Ceiling — Guide” is tall and straight with elegant lines. As the “face” of the competition, they need not only super high appearance level, representing the Oriental face, but also outstanding cultivation and connotation.They need to have as bright as the spring, but also need to have a smooth and natural style of conduct, their name is called “guide”, commonly known as “brand beauty”.The biggest bright spot of the Winter Olympics is these beautiful little sister, become a big bright spot on the field, from clothing to behavior, from details to the overall situation, for the whole venue added a beautiful scenery line.However, becoming a facilitator is not easy.The selection of one in ten thousand, day and night to study hard practice, from the Angle of smile to the height of the card, from the grace of walking to the temperature of temperament, are held accurately in place, can participate in.From the goddess of temperament college to today’s “queen” on the field, each of them are unique existence.The Angle and height of the card have strict requirements, so they want to train the “female soldiers” in the shortest time, the general upright posture, the height of the card can not relax.Confidence, aura, just hold the card on tens of thousands of practice, adhere to more than 10 minutes, smile unchanged, unchanged posture, really not in general.On the court elegant intellectual, off the field sad sweat, everything is worth it.From the Evening banquet in tang Palace to the little sister in Hanfu, from the auspicious dragon and phoenix to the 24 solar terms, from the Tantou New Year painting to the Nanjing Yunjin, Chinese culture has a long history. There has never been a lack of Chinese elements and inheritance, but what is lacking is only the eyes to find beauty.There are a lot of Chinese wind elements on the little sister’s clothes are perfectly presented, with the beauty of science and technology, with a dazzling trend of design, integrated with the elements of the Chinese wind, forming a wonderful clothing.1. Cute tiger hats, each one is a story: the standardization of the overall situation, the differentiation of details, the lovely round polite design, narrow edge wider vision, strong warmth.Tiger head patterns are different for each guide. At the beginning of the year of the tiger, everyone is unique in the custom of spring, the vigor of the tiger and the hope of spring.Tiger culture has a long history in China. The tiger New Year paintings in the early stage, exorcizing evil spirits and avoiding harm, and the tiger pillow in the later stage, are a symbol of majesty and totem.The hat design is slightly cute, which not only expresses the festive atmosphere, but also makes the tiger lifelike, like a tiger with wings added to it. Different tiger expressions and different tiger meanings.2. Snowflake Chinese knot, streamer overflow color ancient wisdom, can not be copied, even a simple knot buckle, also played the United States magnificent Chinese knot, distributed in white clothing, deduce the trend of Chinese wind.Han Dynasty ceremony chronicle, Zhou Dynasty with jade wearing, China’s “knot culture” has a long history, from official exclusive to folk spread, Chinese knot has become a representative of luck and happiness.Distributed on the shoulder, the skirt of the clothing, the formation of a symbol of the snow and ice world snowflake pattern, endless and generous, quite emotional and harmonious artistic conception.Hanfu is loose and three-dimensional aesthetic, with small shoulders and narrow sleeves, which makes it easy to walk. The costume design this time integrates the slimming advantages of cheongsam and the atmospheric simplicity of Hanfu. Through the right stripe, it symbolizes the flowing beauty.Modern design, outstanding figure and temperament, large area of white like iceberg snow country, small area of dark blue concise and lively, with the effect of gradual change and unique charm.Blue and white is classic match color all the time, pure and dry, have the implication of ocean, have the beauty of water ripples again, short skirt is more refined, collocation style has more characteristic.”Clothing Inheritance, 14 Years of Change” in the 2008 Olympic Games miss dress, you can see a complete retro shadow, three-dimensional dress modeling, elegant and elegant, classic satin blue and Chinese red combination.From the charming sleeveless chic, to open the fan model of the atmosphere contracted design, two different material combination and collocation, strong and plastic outside, pay attention to the beauty of the line, contracted and charming inside, with shy gas.The design of Hanfu and the shape of the dress highlight the atmosphere and simple style, but the overall focus on the traditional elements and charm.Fourteen years later, the fashion has a cool design style, breaking the shackles of tradition, and at the same time, it has made great efforts to attract the eye and sense of science and technology. It is simple and bright. The cheongsam is tied around the waist, the neckline of Hanfu, the gradual design technique of modern sense, and the flowing beauty make it lighter and younger.Tiger head, Chinese knot elements, the perfect combination of design breakthrough and element inheritance, neither bloated, but also relatives of the aesthetic feeling.The gradual change and clever like science and technology, irregular changes, both warm and beautiful, white holy, blue mysterious, perfect integration into a beautiful scenery.Clothing is a label of culture and a symbol of progress. Progress can be seen in details and innovation can be reflected in inheritance.Together to the future, the common dream, the common earth home, the common dream of hard work.Holy ice flower, surging together.A beautiful little sister, a piece of unique clothing, even shoes are thick bottom gradient blue, incomparable charm, not square painting style, indicating the motherland with each passing day.Clothing is only a “miniature”, but you can see the whole picture.Thank you for your attention, we are a professional share star wear and apparel skills account, will be in the most avant-garde fashion information, one of the most beautiful pictures, the most fluent words, for everybody all star fashionistas outfit, like everyone pay more attention to me in your busy time, everybody’s trust is the power for me has been go on, thank you for your support.Statement: original text, pictures from the network, if any infringement, please contact to delete, thank you.

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