Don’t pack!This “net red”, harm not shallow!

Relaxed and happy Spring Festival holiday is a holiday at the same time small make up to remind everyone to be vigilant against this “cunning” “network red” today invited to Suzhou narcotics officer Pang for you to uncover the “network red” true face in the concept of drugs is not like this?But have you ever seen drugs that look like this?This is a popular online celebrity in recent years — e-cigarette!E-cigarettes are marketed as trendy, ‘healthy’ and can even help you quit smoking. But are they really?The National Health Commission has made it clear that e-cigarettes are not safe, are more prone to nicotine dependence and make it more difficult to quit smoking.In 2018 and 2019, the State Administration for Market Regulation and the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration issued the Circular on Banning the Sale of E-cigarettes to Minors and the Circular on Further Protecting Minors from the Harmful effects of E-cigarettes, clarifying that all types of market entities shall not sell e-cigarettes to minors.What is a “head-to-head e-cigarette”?In addition to common ingredients such as water, nicotine and flavoring, the “e-cigs” were adulterated with THC or synthetic cannabinoids, a new psychoactive substance.The so-called “high on the head” sensation is the brief “high” after the drug enters the body.Long-term smoking will lead to dizziness, vomiting, trance, overdose will shock, suffocation and even sudden death, easy to cause drug driving, intentional injury and other public safety hazards.From July 1, 2021, Synthetic cannabinoids will be banned in China, meaning that selling or smoking “e-cigarettes” containing synthetic cannabinoids will no longer be considered illegal.”Top e-cigarettes” often appear in illegal online shops, wechat business and other online sales channels, marketing often contains “top”, “flight”, “pleasure” and other drug circle “slang”, if you are associated with these slang in the circle of friends, please be vigilant, and timely report to the public security organs.Smoking is harmful to health e-cigarettes are also “top e-cigarettes” are drugs, never trust drug dealers must be vigilant, healthy future, beautiful tomorrow from refuse e-cigarettes!

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