Changchun several minors meet to an apartment ready to fight!Red Flag street police station police quickly police into swords and ploughshares

“I am deeply aware of my mistake. I will never make trouble or fight outside in the future, so that my family will not worry…”A complaint located in hongqi Street police station of Chaoyang Branch of Changchun Municipal Public Security Bureau “surprised” on the early morning of February 7 in the circle of friends, caused widespread concern.At 22:40 on February 6th, the Hongqi Street police station received an alarm from residents of an apartment in the area that several youths took the elevator with knives, suspected to fight upstairs, and asked the police station to stop it in time.Night patrol police Teng Yunsheng, Li Jiquan received the alarm, immediately drove night patrol car rushed to the scene, in order to play a deterrent role, police arrived at the scene sounded the siren.In the police investigation found from the elevator down a number of young men suspicious, police immediately stepped forward to inquire, on the spot found two fruit knife.Subsequently, the police brought both parties back to the police station.After preliminary understanding, 5 parties per capita for minors, headed by Liu mou 4 people because of trifles and Li mou disputes, both sides about to the apartment “fight”, was about to start when heard downstairs sirens, was found by the police when fleeing.The police immediately contacted the families of both parties, and carried out the legal education of the parties, director Yang Fan and the parents of the parties had a conversation, and ordered their children to be strict.The five parties also expressed their awareness of their mistakes, took the initiative to write 500 words of profound review, and posted to friends circle for supervision of friends and relatives.During the period, two contradictory parties are also in the police’s mediation, the war into ploughshares.”Fortunately, the policeman responded quickly and stopped the children in time.Otherwise they would have been a disaster, and all five of our families would have been ruined!Thank you very much!”Before leaving the police station, the family members of the five minors shook the hands of the police officers to express heartfelt thanks.Jilin Daily production planning: Jiang Zhongxiao editor: Wu Ming

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