2.3 Drama news: Plays by Dilieba, Pan Hong, Zhang Jianing, Hai Qing, Ju Jingyi and Li Yifeng

1. Female group drama “Public Prosecution Elite” starring tentative: Dili Reba, Yuan Quan, Jiang Xin, Yao Chen, actor: Yu Hewei has a very strong cast, looking forward to another “In the Name of the People”!Strong party and flow collocation, word of mouth and broadcast quantity are not worried!2, Pan Hong “old bestie” CCTV8, Youai Teng has been more than 1 episode, see quite cool, every old aunt is not simple, refresh our cognition of the old lady!If we are old, it may be difficult to live like them.Worth learning!3, “Twinkle, twinkle, star” Zhang Jianing laughed so sweet small network drama “twinkle, twinkle, star” fire, on Zhang Jianing and Qu Chu Xiao add Chengdu very big!In the entertainment beauty such as forest of place, Zhang Jianing is not a beauty, at most calculate a girl next door type!4, goose factory some suspense drama to be broadcast “beginning” fire, Tencent video and these suspense plays, has finished only 3 “are you safe” “The Three-Body Problem” “Babel”, estimated 2022 will be promoted as soon as possible broadcast it!”Like the Moon” is in production, and six more are in the pipeline.Tencent video S+ ancient costume drama one by one on the street, the estimate now should pay more attention to the suspense drama?5, Haiqing Tongyao “Heart home” trial has been in IQiyi in February to be broadcast!”Chinese Paladin 4″ will start in February, there are MAO Zijun, MAO Xiaohui, Wang Duo and other actors.Ju Jingyi is also quite suitable for xianxia drama, Chen Zheyuan is also good, look forward to!7, Li Yifeng Bai Jingting “Playground” 2.8 boot Bai Jingting will shoot a crime film, he is quite suitable, good at logical reasoning!8, Zhong Hanliang Li Xiaoran “this life has you” 6.3 this drama heat is not low, but I am not interested, sure enough 6.3 points, just pass!Qin Xiaoxian Zhao Xiaotang “Washe river’s lake” iQiyi started more 6 episodes, soared to the top of the list, but did not enter the cat eye heat top 30, is the first time acting, acting was teased!In February 10, the boot of a part of the new war “dream of the sea” Andy shaw, lay the sky north of Yang Yang my earthly fireworks zhang, Zeng Shunxi, Simon yam “guarding city is” britons a hidden flower sea jingboran, songyun tan “return” Xu Kai, sweet scene “le tour the original JuJing yi, Chen Zheyuan” xianjian wonder pass four “yao elite public prosecution, conferring, ROM.Zhou “after the wave” Zhang Wanyi, Yu Zhen, Lin Yun “Cloud Leopard action” Lin Yi, Li Landi “If there is still time” Jiang Zhenyu, Gu Zicheng “I will like to tell the wind” Huang Zitao, Wang Helun “pet you” Sun Yi “I know I love you” and “go to the wind” “No lawsuit before court” and so on.11, “Twinkle, Twinkle, Star” Qu Chuxiao dilieba li Yifeng Ju Jingyi

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