12 heavy dump trucks “group” overload, severe punishment!

In order to further increase the intensity of road on traffic violation regulation, strengthen at the beginning of the end of road traffic safety control and dissolve the risk potential for the prevention of effective curb major workplace accidents happen, chifeng city bahrain left flag public security bureau traffic management team to focus on traffic violations during the action as an opportunity to joint the highway transportation brigade joint ultra action.On January 19, 2022, the control and Overload team seized 12 heavy dump trucks loaded with stones on the road near Fuhe Town. As the stones were overloaded and the tarpaulin was not covered on the 12 trucks, stones were scattered along the road and the normal driving order was affected.After inquiry, the stones carried by the 12 drivers were transported to a mining industry near the distance. Considering that the journey was not far, in order to load more stones and reduce costs, the drivers took the risk of driving on the road.After verification, 12 vehicles were over 50% overloaded, police detained 12 vehicles in accordance with the law, requiring the driver to unload and transfer, eliminating potential safety hazards in time.At the same time, 12 drivers of traffic violations were dealt with according to law.The harm of truck overload on people is great, is absolutely not desirable, so what are the specific hazards of overload?Image: the Ministry of Public Security traffic safety release micro overload caused dramatic moment (dynamic figure from network) left flag prompts you to police: freight vehicle overload damage, seriously affect vehicle handling performance, increase the braking distance, prone to brake failure, for themselves and others safety, please don’t overload transportation truck driver!■ High energy throughout!A man in Neiman was fined 3,000 yuan and fined 12 points for using his car’s license plate at some point in space, at the same time.1909781284@qq.com, ▎ reviewed: Zhang Rui

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