What are the functions of software copyright?

Under the call of “Internet plus” and “artificial intelligence”, all walks of life have taken the initiative to embrace the Internet, and the Internet thinking leads enterprises to constantly overturn and reshape.A large number of websites, apps, small programs such as bamboo shoots after rain, emerge in endlessly!However, for enterprises, the most frustrating thing is that the software works developed by investing a lot of manpower and material resources are copied by others!Do even more than their own genuine software fire!How can this be avoided?The role of software copyright certificate is highlighted.If enterprises register software copyright in time, they can protect their own interests by law.The full name of software copyright is “computer software copyright”, which refers to the exclusive rights that software developers or other right holders enjoy for software works according to relevant copyright laws.After the completion of software development, the software copyright owner shall enjoy the right of publication, the developer’s right of identity, the right of exploitation, the right of licensing and the right of remuneration.It may be argued that software copyright is enjoyed as soon as the creation is completed, so it is ok without registration.Although the software copyright is automatically enjoyed, but really encountered infringement disputes, soft registration certificate is the preliminary proof of the registered items, can be said to be legal proof documents, without this certificate, mouth without proof.Registering software copyright has the following benefits for enterprises.1. Proof of Right In the case of software infringement, the software copyright certificate is a very powerful proof document when the right holder brings a lawsuit to the people’s court.If a software copyright is not registered, it is difficult for the owner to prove the date of completion and the ownership of the software.2. The market needs a lot of software application markets now, are beginning to require the online software copyright registration certificate.If not handled in advance, the online of the software may be delayed, and registering the software copyright in the copyright Office in time will reduce a lot of trouble.3. Soft power software copyright belongs to one of the intellectual property rights, which can be used as a powerful material for enterprises to publicize and prove their strength and improve their reputation.4. Intangible Assets Software Copyrights, like trademarks and patents, are intangible assets of enterprises, which can be used as capital increase, financing mortgage, technology shares, etc.In the process of application by high-tech enterprises, software copyright, like patent, can be used for application by high-tech enterprises. Moreover, the time cycle of application for software copyright is short, and the certificate can be obtained faster, so as not to delay the application project of enterprises.

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