This is the 2022 delivery of a topic of 4 new energy vehicles!

In the car market of 2021, the direction of car buying has changed a lot. From sales data, to word of mouth and recommendation value, new energy vehicles are becoming more and more favored by Chinese people.Of course, this is also because of policy encouragement, product strength, technological breakthroughs and other factors after an inevitable.With the 2021 major car companies to the new energy “seeds”, 2022 will have a large number of new energy models began to deliver, from a variety of autonomous hybrid, to a variety of more personality, more technology features, this year’s new energy vehicles is still very looking forward to.However, today, xiaobian only selected a few more topics of the vehicle inventory, as for them?Let’s take a look.With huawei halo pole Fox alpha S Huawei HI edition, should be delivered this year one of the more topical models.Compared with the same huawei halo, one after another landing of siris products, extreme Fox αS Huawei HI edition, it can be said that the late arrival, let people wait for “long awaited”.The car was originally scheduled to be delivered in February this year, but sources said the huawei HI version of the Polar Fox αS may be delayed until June due to the work being done on its autonomous driving system.Back to the Extreme Fox αS Huawei HI version of the product itself, the biggest selling point is the car equipped with Huawei intelligent advanced automatic driving system.According to official information previously released, the car will be equipped with a 400TOPS computing chip, three lidar, six millimeter-wave radars, 12 cameras and 13 ultrasonic radars.It is worth noting that when the media visited the store before, it was found that the intelligent advanced automatic driving system of Huawei was somewhat different from the publicity, but it can be confirmed that the Hongmeng vehicle system is sure to use.The first batch of niO ET7 trial cars rolled off the production line in September, but deliveries are not expected until the first quarter of 2022.What is worth talking about is the power part of NIO ET7. The front is 180kW permanent magnet synchronous motor, and the back is 300kW asynchronous induction motor. The overall peak power is 480kW, the overall peak torque is 850N·m, and the 100km acceleration is 3.9 seconds.Compared to the previous 160/240 front and back combinations on the ES6 and ES8, the NIO ET7 delivers significant improvements in overall peak power and peak torque, respectively.In a simple word, THE POWER system of NIO ET7 deserves bright eyes and can withstand horizontal comments.In addition, niO ET7 will be one of the first electric vehicles in the world to use silicon carbide power modules.With the help of new technology, nio ET7’s range of more than 1,000 kilometers and 33 high-performance sensing hardware are also reasons to look forward to it.Then again, while the battery life of the NIO ET7 is amazing, the price is also “amazing.”Even the entry-level model with a range of 500 km + will have a starting price of 448,000 yuan, while the NIO ET7 with a range of 1,000 km + will likely cost around 600,000 yuan.So, for the average consumer, get nio ET7 is still a little far away.Relying on SAIC group, Alibaba and other high-end brands to jointly create, Zhiji L7 in all aspects seems to be the sword of NIo ET7.Not to mention positioning, pricing, size, performance, and even in terms of design, there are some similarities between the L7 and ET7.For autonomous driving, the Chi Chi L7 is equipped with Nvidia chips and supports lidar upgrades.Second, Zhiji L7 uses many diversion slots to optimize the aerodynamics of the vehicle, which can achieve the same low wind resistance as NIO ET7.Last year, Zhiji released and demonstrated the driving capability of the IM AD autonomous driving system installed on L7 on real roads, and the first batch of Beta version has been off the production line, and has even been officially licensed to drive on the Bund in Shanghai.In terms of driving performance, Zhiji L7 has a combination of “four-wheel drive + four-wheel steering”, a high-performance lightweight all-aluminum chassis with 3.87 seconds of 100km acceleration and 32.69 meters of 100km braking. The chassis is adjusted by Williams team.It is worth saying that in March this year, Zhi Ji L7 will usher in a large-scale real car test, when a test will know dragon and phoenix.For the most talked-about new cars delivered this year, the Salon Mecaroon is definitely one of them.Mecaroon is the first model of Great Wall’s luxury new energy brand Salon, which focuses on the 400,000-800,000 level luxury new energy market.Judging from the price of 488,000 yuan, there is no doubt that it is the most expensive model sold by Great Wall Motor at present, and of course it is also the most famous.If the current design trend of new energy vehicles is minimalist, the Mecaroon is the opposite, although not much to look at, but it is special enough.Since it is a pure electric car, we have to talk about its core, intelligent technology and power performance, which are also the most proud of the current Mecaroon.Mecaron is the world’s first model equipped with four lidar, most models in the market only have one or two, equipped with four at a time, really “proud”.As for performance, the Mecaron is equipped with front and rear permanent magnet motors, which are driven by the main rear drive four-wheel drive system. The maximum power is 405kW, the maximum horsepower is 551Ps, the peak torque is 750N·m, and the 100km acceleration is 3.7s, which is 0.2s faster than the NIO ET7.Finally, we can also look forward to the Dayu battery carried by the Mecarong, which can achieve 800V overcharge, which plays a crucial role in solving the battery life anxiety.(Photo source: Internet)

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