The spring breeze has been sent across the sea in the sunset

Zhongqing commented that the brotherly friendship that cannot be separated by the strait will protect us to a better distance.”One paper letter home hundred yi light”.In Chinese traditional culture, letters from home are the sustenance of kinship.A simple letter, a few words of sincere greetings, will make thousands of miles away from the family feel warm.Today, with the development of the Internet, the form of sending home letters is no longer limited to paper letters. Video letters are more convenient and become a new choice for young people to send messages to their loved ones.Su Yongjun, a Graduate student at Tsinghua University’s Law School in Taiwan, sent a video message to his family during the Spring Festival, saying, “I believe that separation is temporary and we will eventually be reunited.”Simple and plain language, but it has the power to move people.Li Ruoyun, a junior at Beijing International Studies University in Hsinchu, Taiwan Province, is a winter Olympics volunteer whose birthday coincides with the opening ceremony.She said she was so happy and excited that she would feel like “it’s nice to celebrate my birthday with the Olympics.”In a video message, she sent her best wishes to her relatives across the Strait: “I wish my family and everyone good luck in the New Year.”Some young Taiwanese on the mainland, too busy with their studies to return home, sent video letters to their relatives across the Strait.Zhou Enxian, a senior at Tsinghua University in Taiwan province, recently sent his parents holiday wishes.He was a little excited and said to his mother, “It has been almost a year since we met, but I believe that no matter what difficulties, they will not block our love.I really miss your chicken soup.”These words of concern are simple, but also moving, moving.Behind the New Year’s letter is the mutual concern of people on both sides of the Taiwan Straits.For Taiwan students studying abroad, family health, peace and happiness is their best hope.The loved ones who can’t meet to enjoy the joy of reunion can also send sincere wishes and comfort each other through video letters.In which, there is no need for grand words, nor passionate words, simple greetings, is the best wishes;Daily concern and chat will also send warmth to each other.Photo source: Visual China Brocade books in the clouds sent across the sea, spring breeze has been in the sunset.Young Taiwanese on the mainland send their best wishes to their relatives far away in their favorite and convenient way, which will also give us a lot of touching and inspiration.Many young netizens also said the format is convenient and fun.In fact, distant relatives look forward to the most, or young we can be safe in a foreign land.Children can be healthy, happy and happy, is the family’s most real, the most simple expectation.Chatting about everyday life and trivial matters in the video letters will also make each other feel warm, drive away the loneliness of spending the Spring Festival alone in a foreign land, arouse the good feelings in our hearts, and let the warm wind of spring stay in our hearts forever.Today, the Opening of the Winter Olympic Games is just around the corner. It carries the best wishes of countless young people from both sides of the Taiwan Straits. Together with the wishes of the young people from Taiwan in their letters home, they have gathered together the Spring Festival atmosphere of the Chinese people and created an auspicious and festive atmosphere.The New Year’s letter connects the deep kinship between the two sides of the Taiwan Straits, and also enables Taiwan compatriots to see the momentum of the motherland’s thriving development, and to share the youth and glory brought by the Winter Olympics.The strait of brotherhood, which cannot be separated, will guide us to a better place.Article/Huang Shuai editor/Ren Guanqing Produced by China Youth Daily · China Youth Network

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