Residents are opposed to the construction of 220KV and 110KV substations near The Town of Tencent

Recently, some enthusiastic citizens consulted and reflected on the government platform about “substation problem near Tencent Town of Entrepreneurship and Innovation” and expressed their firm opposition to the construction of substation nearby. In this regard, relevant departments of high-tech Zone gave the latest reply.Qingdao high-tech zone tencent double gen town land I is a high-tech zone tencent town owner, in view of the management committee, and in the neighbourhood of substation are firmly opposed to school area construction, government, please give full consideration to the life of the students, residents, pedestrians health, don’t and we speak science, have so big of a substation is built near the school is reasonable?Does it make sense to build it in a neighborhood?Does it make sense to build in an area surrounded by municipal roads?Qingdao High-tech Zone Construction Department Government hotline:”After implementation, the planning of the two substations is in accordance with the regulatory Detailed Planning for The Middle Section of Qingdao High-tech Zone (Qingzheng Zi [2018] No. 78) approved by Qingdao Municipal Government on October 26, 2018. They are respectively located in the northwest of the intersection of Zhidao Road and Herong Road, covering an area of 3315 square meters.Mainly to solve the hulu lane – Hedong Road – Ao East Road enclosed area electricity demand;Southwest of the intersection of Zhidao Road and Ao East Road, covering an area of 9,085 square meters, mainly to solve the Middle East area of high-tech zone electricity demand, improve the reliability of surrounding electricity.There are 1 220kV substation and 12 110kV substation planned in the high-tech Zone. At present, there are 3 built substations (all 110kV), and 4 unbuilt substations are distributed in the east area, 5 in the middle area and 1 in the west area.At present, the construction of enclosure marks for the planned substation location is to let residents know that there is a substation construction plan and prevent information asymmetry.There is no plan to build substation recently, and the next step should be made according to the surrounding electricity demand.Finally, relevant departments need to be consulted about the alternative site selection of the substation.Substation analysis: 1. Transmission radiation.After contacting experts in the electric power industry, the substation is a transmission and distribution project of low-frequency wired transmission, including 220 kv, 110 kv, 10 kV substation, and 220 kv household appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, and even light bulbs. The transmission frequency is 50 Hz, and the transmission radiation degree is far less than that of smart phones.On October 22, 2014, the program Focus Interview of CCTV made an authoritative interpretation of relevant issues.2. Laws and regulations, eia requirements.There is no clear requirement for the distance between substation and residential area, but according to the eia guidelines, the evaluation range of 110 kv substation and 220 kV substation is 30 meters and 40 meters respectively outside the wall of the station site. There is no potential environmental impact beyond this distance, and the substation is more than 200 meters away from the nearest residential area.3. Substation case analysis.At present, there is a 220 kV Nanjing Road substation in the South District of Qingdao, which is close to the dormitory of the power supply company. No human body has been abnormal for decades, and it is about 35 meters away from pengfei Garden in the north.The 110 kV Shiquetan station in Huangdao District is about 50 meters away from the nearest building.Huangdao District 110 kv development Zone station, starlight station, are dozens of meters away from the residential area, the above stations are in normal operation.To sum up, the 110kV substation meets the requirements of national specifications from the perspectives of planning, environmental protection and safety, and the implementation of substation construction according to the planning can ensure the safety and reliability of electricity consumption in the surrounding residential communities, enterprises and institutions.

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