Polyu Malaysia solar Technology Transformation Project benefits the community

Researchers at the School of Electrical Engineering at the Malaysian Polytechnic University (UTM) have recently installed solar panels on fishing boats, replacing diesel fuel, for environmental sustainability.Polyu Malaysia is a research university renowned for its long history of solar technology projects that benefit society and the environment.The Project, called polyu Malaysia Smart Eco-Pv Ship, is a solar photovoltaic system development project for fishing boats in the fishing village of Port Abundance in Johor, Malaysia.With the help of other colleges and government statutory bodies such as the Kaya Pubali Industrial Training Institute and the Malaysian Fisheries Development Authority, the programme has grown and become a reality.Replacing light diesel generators with solar photovoltaics is common in developed countries, but rare in Malaysia.Inspired by this, POLYu Malaysia decided to plan more knowledge transfer projects to apply to fisheries.The technology was first introduced in fisheries as a simple module and component that new users could repair themselves.At the same time, POLYTECHNIC Malaysia also produced a simple guide book for boat owners to help them understand the basic concepts of solar energy and how to repair it step by step.Only one boat was originally chosen to install the photovoltaic solar system, and the installation was completed in April 2021.The system is considered a success because fishermen still use it today.

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