“Li Tao” Beginning of Spring (2 Songs)

To read more about Yimen Village, click “Follow”.Li Tao three winters of snow and ice melt, thousands of miles of spring breeze.Spitting green pastoral bi, flowing gold river clear.China welcomes the Olympic Games, the torch shines Beijing.Double happiness yingmen day, tenglongnian taste thick.Title start of spring filial tao willow spit branches, spring Ziqi Mountain river strong;Huancai, long safflower years new.Purple fragrance, green mountains bloom;Spring breeze sends warm, white clouds red sun bird flies.Snow powder ice elimination, whip spring cattle ploughing;Yang sheng grass wake up, home ying Ziyan round the beam.Resume: Li Tao was born in 1948, joined the army in 1968, got a bachelor’s degree, was a political commissar of a PLA department, a retired military cadre, was born in Pucheng County, Shaanxi Province.Successively served as standing director of Chinese Couplet Association, vice president of Gansu Province Couplet Association, etc., was awarded the “National Couplet hundred Jun”, 2009 national Couplet news figure first.He has published thousands of couplets and hundreds of poems, and won many awards.He is the author of A book called Poetry and Words of Heart.The story of Yimen Village

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