China women ice into the quarterfinals: the referee twice indirectly to help the Japanese players, but still not hurt the overall situation

Compared with football and basketball, ice hockey belongs to a minority type of competitive sports, and the more minority type of sports, it is more difficult to achieve results. Here, we congratulate the Chinese women’s ice hockey 2-1 victory over The Japanese women’s ice, entered the final eight!To beat the strength of the Japanese female ice, which shows that the Chinese female ice girls are usually really too hard.So let’s also review this game and say how hard it is for the Chinese girls to win!As in any game, the referee is an uncontrollable factor in the court, and sometimes the scale of the referee’s decision can control the game. For example, in a basketball game, if the referee favors a certain player, a certain player can get more than ten free throws in a game.In this fierce contest, the referee also indirectly helped the Japanese players twice, but from the result, it is still harmless.At the beginning of the game, the two sides of the female ice girls on the fierce confrontation, each attack must face difficult defense, China’s female ice girl no. 34 Miller in the process of attacking the ball, was brutally interfered by the Japanese female ice no. 4.The top view shows Miller losing his balance under the rough interference of his opponent, but miller is still holding on to the ball, trying to shoot it out before he falls completely.So how much pressure is Miller under?Japan no. 4 appears to be on Miller’s back, and in her open step, she is leaning forward to prevent her arm from exerting any force.From a positive perspective, the Japanese No. 4 is almost holding Miller in his arms, the two hands are very close, and under the force of the Japanese No. 4, Miller loses his balance and his arms become very difficult to use.To put it bluntly, the Japanese No. 4’s defensive attitude was admirable, but her action was definitely a foul.But the Chinese girl also had a lot of perseverance, even in the face of such a foul level of rough defense, Miller still managed to shoot the ball, but the goal was blocked by the Body of the Japanese goalkeeper, it was very difficult to score.After reviewing the replays, the referee allowed the goal to be ruled out because Miller had to force the ball into the net with an off-balance body and a push from behind by Japan’s No. 4.There was nothing to be said for the disallowed goal, but the referee did the Japanese players a favor in a way by ignoring the defensive foul committed by the Japanese No. 4 girl, which almost encouraged the Japanese players, who had a low percentage of ball control, to play rough defense against the Chinese girls.Second unintentional indirect help After another attack by the Chinese women ice girls was blocked by the Japanese women ice girls rough defense, the Japanese women ice girls got the ball to counter.In the process of the Japanese female ice no. 15 girl counter-attack, the referee just in front of the two Players of China and Japan, so between the invisible has become the barrier between the Japanese female ice no. 15 girl and the Chinese female ice girl.As the referee was too slow and got in the way of the Chinese girl, the Japanese girl no. 15 had the best shot, but the Chinese girl’s goalie managed to block the ball.Although the Japanese women ice girls obtained the indirect help of the judges twice, but still can not win the Chinese women ice girls, which also shows that as long as the strength is strong enough, it is not afraid of accidents!What do you think about that?Welcome to leave a comment, let’s discuss!

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