Where did you come from? Where did you come from

On April 4, 2022, the question in alipay’s Ant Manor small classroom is about classical Chinese. The question is: “People often say that old and old, old and young, old and young, and where did the young come from?”Many people do not know what the answer to this question is, the following to share the ant manor today’s answer.Ant farm small classroom answer daily program (can see the answer tomorrow ahead, updated daily) care for the elderly, and people of all ages, of our children and young as early as April 4, from where the ant farm today answer today: it is often said that “care for the elderly and the old, love our baby, and of the young people”, which originated in there?A. Mencius B. The Analects of Confucius C. Mencius D. MenciusWhen mencius described his ideal society, he said, “We are old as well as others are old, and we are young as well as others are young.This is in keeping with Confucius’s vision of great harmony in the world: “An old man should not have his relatives alone, nor his children alone, so that his old age will have its end, his strong age will have its use, and his young age will have its strengths.””Lao WO Lao”, the first word “Lao”, a verb, means to respect;The second “Lao”, noun;”My old”, my old people, elders.”Young I young”, the first “young” word, verb, love, nurture meaning;The second character “young”, noun;”I young”, my children, young generation.Respect for one’s elders, and by extension respect for other elders;Love my children, and then love other children.

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