The official soccer team wished Wu Xi a birthday, and fans flooded the homepage with abuse. Tonight, turtle stewed sea cucumber

The Chinese football team issued a statement at 10 am today, wishing Wu Xi a happy 33rd birthday!Focus on reviewing wu Xi’s great achievements in making great contributions to the national team.Congratulations to the Chinese National Football Team: at the age of 22, he has made his first appearance in the intercontinental Tournament against Laos in the Preliminary round of World Cup.26 years old, in the Asian Cup against Uzbekistan, volley, blow the counter horn;28 years old, in the round of 12 match against Iran, flying to block a shot, spilled blood “devil Azadi”;32 years old, second trip to the big 12, you played almost 90 minutes in your first eight games, you gave everything you had.In 11 years and 79 games, you have made the most appearances for your country in the same period.Happy 33rd birthday to Wu Xi!Wish you a New Year, always healthy, can continue to contribute to the cause of football you love.In a World Cup qualifier between China and Vietnam on the first day of the Chinese New Year, Wu Xi, the captain of China’s national football team, ducked the ball in the penalty area and let a short player head it in.As the goal was conceded too early, The Chinese team lost three goals in a row.On the first day of the Chinese New Year, the Chinese team presented a New Year gift for the fans.Hide the ball wu Xi attracted the whole net fans attacked, later more “sea cucumber terrier”, more attracted the ball to attack and ridicule.The Chinese national Football Team wished him a happy birthday today. In the congratulatory speech, it acknowledged his contribution to the national team and praised his “volley, blow the horn of counter-attack”, “fly to block the shot, blood spilled” devil Azadi “brave fighting spirit!Originally, the football team sent a message to congratulate the players on their birthday. This is the international practice and there is no controversy.The bad news is that fans all over the world have just criticized him for dodging a pass in the penalty area and allowing a short player to head in the goal in a game against Vietnam on the first day of the New Year.What the Chinese football team is doing is like adding a bucket of gasoline to the fire when it is slightly abated. The fans’ anger has just subsided, but the Chinese football team is praising him.This is against us!Fans flooded the official account of the Chinese football team with more than 10,000 comments in just a few hours.Wu Xi’s birthday blocked the heart, can only in the national fans taunt moderate birthday candlelight dinner.Oh, I wonder if there is such a famous dish as stewed sea cucumber with turtle on the menu!If you like the author’s article, please like, comment, forward, collect, pay attention to the author!Thank you very much!

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