Protect agricultural market main body, financial force does not stop a moment

There are no small things in life.During the epidemic prevention and control period, the city attaches great importance to the supply and price stabilization of main and non-staple food markets.CCB Shanghai Branch has taken the initiative to assume the responsibility of being a large state-owned bank, taking helping farmers and benefiting farmers as an important task of financial support for agriculture, and effectively solving the pain points and difficulties encountered by the majority of agricultural operators during the period of epidemic protection and spring ploughing preparation.”Thanks to CCB for sending carbon in the snow. When we needed it the most, we received an additional loan of 5 million yuan, so that we could expand our production capacity to the maximum without any worries and devote ourselves to the work of ‘supply guarantee’ in Shanghai.””We are a state-level agricultural demonstration cooperative. During the epidemic in 2020, our cooperative was included in the List of Shanghai vegetable basket project enterprises. At that time, CCB quickly granted us a credit loan of 5 million yuan through the green Channel.Just a few days ago, a new loan of 5 million yuan was issued.””That’s what we’re supposed to do, and that’s where financial inclusion comes in.Xiao Yang, a customer manager at CCB, said, “Many residents in residential areas in Shanghai have been quarantined at home due to the epidemic control.Lianzhong Cooperative, a supplier of online shopping platforms such as Hema, Ding Dong and Shangchao, now orders 2.5 times more food every day than usual.In order to provide fresh and safe vegetables to Shanghai residents at home, more than 260 workers in the cooperative are working day and night at full speed to meet the growing demand for agricultural products.”On March 31, Shanghai Yuanyi Seedling Co., Ltd. in the Construction Bank of 10 million yuan loan is about to expire, this critical moment happened to meet the epidemic, so that was closed in the community of money always worry bad.Considering that there are many farmers to pay, can the loan be renewed on schedule?How can not continue to raise funds repayment?Money is always under pressure to breathe.As a key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Shanghai, Yuanyi cultivates seedlings covering vegetables, melons and fruits, flowers and other fields.”Considering the impact of the epidemic, we decided to renew the loan without repayment for Yuanyi seedlings in early March, but the plan failed to catch up with changes. As the epidemic control policy became more and more strict, the whole process still went through various tests.”Construction bank customer manager Xiaoding said.”Our third branch is located in Dahongqiao area and has been greatly affected by the epidemic.Fortunately, the City Branch launched the emergency response mechanism and the green channel early, and I completed the business application and approval under the condition of working at home under quarantine control.However, the follow-up process still encountered some difficulties. On March 24, the Office building of Shanghai Guarantee Center for Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises in Huangpu District was closed again under regional control.As a result of what the client deals with before is agriculture assures fund borroweth, besides bank approval reply, get the approval reply ability that assures the center even to complete do not have to repay capital to continue loan flow.Fortunately, the center here is also urgent customer urgent, special things special, in the examination and approval personnel home isolation of the case issued to continue to lend approval.”Under the efforts of many parties, on March 30, the 10 million yuan agricultural guarantee fund loan of Yuanyi Seedling was finally completed the whole process of renewing the loan without repayment.At this point, Mr. Qian, still isolated at home, sighed with a sigh of relief: “CCB and the guarantee center are really responsible and have done, so that my enterprise can survive, also let my upstream and downstream farmers can safely through this crisis!”Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address:

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