In the year of the Tiger, the dragon is fierce

The tiger and the dragon, both auspicious animals in Chinese culture, are often mentioned in the same breath.How close is the relationship?We can see from the idioms – such as dragon pan tiger ju, roar dragon Yin, living dragon alive tiger, dragon teng Tiger yue, dragon jing tiger fierce, cloud dragon, human dragon tiger, crouching tiger hidden dragon, tiger slightly dragon tao, tiger change dragon steamed.These idioms are not in vain, because There are rich and profound cultural codes hidden in Chinese idioms.How can I put it?First of all, dragon and Tiger are the sacred animals guarding all sides.Dragon and Tiger belong to the four spirits, which are the sacred animals in Chinese culture.The Dragon is the god of the East;The white tiger is the god of the West.Rosefinch is the god of the South;Xuanwu was the god of the north.Is what people often say “left qinglong, right white tiger”, “rosefinch, after xuanwu”.The four spirits and four beasts are not complicated. Simply speaking, it is the heaven and earth as the center, determine the four directions, thus forming the station of the five elements – with the sky as the center (middle palace), the sky is divided into four palaces, east, west, north and south, with the green dragon, white tiger, rosefinch, xuanwu as the garrison of the four palaces.With the earth as the center (middle palace), the earth is divided into four directions, east, west, north and south, to the green dragon, white tiger, rosefinch, basalts for the four spirits town guard.Human-centered (in the palace), the surrounding is divided into east, west, north and south four, to green dragon, white tiger, rosefinch, xuanwu for the four elephant town.Its meaning is also simple, exorcising evil, guarding all sides.At the same time, we should draw a key point is that heaven and earth have their own central position, uphold the middle way, the right way to walk.Secondly, dragon and Tiger are the Kings of the landscape.In Chinese culture, it is said that there are saints inside and Kings outside.Among them, self-cultivation is the foundation, the foundation of family governance and world peace.That is to say, all the inner saints and outer Kings are based on self-cultivation, which is a process with no best, only better, and a process of increasing inner and outer strength.Dragon and Tiger are Kings because of their natural endowments, but at the same time, they have to be refined and become stronger.The tiger is the leader of mountains and the king of beasts.Do not move, move the birds and animals scattered;If he does not howl, he is silent.And more often, the tiger is hidden in the mountains, haunts in the mountains, lying down to conserve energy, standing up to one party.The dragon is also well aware of the meaning of being hidden and empty, and more aware of the meaning of moving clouds and pouring rain. The Qian Hexagrams describe the progress and strength of the dragon, that is, from the hidden dragon not to see the dragon in the field, from or jumping in the deep to the flying dragon in the sky…Crouching tiger hidden dragon is not to lie down, not to hide and hide — crouching tiger, is for the tiger down the mountain!Hide dragon, is to fly dragon in the sky!Third, Longhu is the spirit of unremitting self-improvement.”The tiger descends from the mountain” and “the flying dragon flies in the sky” are both “heaven walks vigorously”.The tiger belongs to the “real world” and the dragon belongs to the “virtual world”. Therefore, relatively speaking, Chinese culture regards the dragon and the tiger as one Yang and one Yin, one representing spring as the spirit of growth and one representing autumn as the spirit of solemn killing.But in fact, in the category of the real world, as the long of all animals, the tiger is also the thing of the Yang, representing the masculine.Therefore, in people’s eyes, the Dragon and tiger are a pair of “brother and brother” — dragon and Tiger are “heaven walking”.So-called a terrain of strategic importance, roars dragons, dragon tiger fierce, long teng hu yue, alive, YunLongFengHu, slightly long tao of dragon and crouching tiger, hidden dragon, tiger, tiger converter steam, such as idioms, are dragon similar, the description of the spirit of close – including static longhu, dynamic longhu, songs of the dragon, and claws, 21, of the tiger…For example, the idiom “Dragon jing Tiger fierce”, we wish our relatives and friends, colleagues and classmates dragon Jing Tiger fierce in the New Year, is to wish everyone to be like the dragon and tiger, including healthy and energetic, including a strong heart, vigorous and powerful!In short, the essence of dragon essence tiger is: like the tiger has a great ability!Like a dragon with flying spirit!Life is enlightenment, happiness is heart.Heaven and man are one, wisdom is light.Listen to light Chinese, Guangweiyang original works do not reprint without permission

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