Her best friend was cheated on, and it took three months. She tore the two people into “mop strips” and walked away.

Bestie’s sixth year of marriage, her husband’s neck out of strawberry print, bestie decided that it was not planted in.Her husband argued that it was a mosquito bite or a bug.Autumn and winter temperatures, it is not so easy to find such poisonous mosquitoes, let alone in the office.Once, she got in the passenger seat and the couple were going to pick up their daughter for dinner at her husband’s house.His mobile phone has a mobile phone wechat, let good bestie help to see, is his company colleagues, ask him what he is doing?My best friend replied: At dinner.The colleague of the company asks: “is your daughter-in-law beside?””In.””Don’t let your wife see what I’ve sent you.””You.”Good bestie back to the mobile phone wechat, still thought that this buddy engaged in what small action.”You send me a voicemail. Feel free to say something.”Her best friend took her smartphone and asked her husband to talk. Her husband skillfully shouted: What are you doing?Company colleagues sent a b ultrasonic examination chart, the name of a good bestie recognize, is her husband’s 1 employee.Good boudoir honey broad line shouted toward the husband: lie * groove, your company colleague to somebody else belly big?Her husband had a brake pedal, took a look at the picture and said: Probably.Also scold the company colleagues silly * what, a pair of angry about its appearance.A few days later, the husband took a shower, his smartphone was on the tea table, and his best friend and daughter were watching TV dramas in the big living room.There was a message on her husband’s mobile phone, or a colleague in the company, and the specific content was: Have you talked with **?Look at the wechat chat records, clean and tidy, has been completely cleared, only this one.Several things remind people of together, although the best friends do not want to believe, or left a mind: quickly send mobile phone screenshots to their smartphone;Open the phone address book, looking for the girl’s contact phone, storage;Wechat inside, with a girl’s wechat chat records, has also been deleted, no clues;I started family sharing and sent screenshots of all the places my husband had visited during this period to a hotel around my unit.After a lot of practice, the sound of running water in the shower had long since stopped and the husband was getting dressed.Bestie puts her phone back, and as if nothing has happened, she sits back and watches the TV show with her daughter in her arms.2, consult a lawyer on the second day, good bestie trouble friends to check the girl’s phone number, the head of the household is a man, apply for the family number.This is relatively fun.Bestie did not alarm the snake, first tried to find the home address of the owner and the unit, and then consulted a lawyer about the property involved in the divorce.Bestie and her husband’s joint property has a commercial house, which was bought by the two families together before marriage. She found a reason, asked her mother for the transfer record, and did not show the real situation to her parents, in order to prevent the elderly worry.The car and savings are all in her bestie’s name. She also has the income statement of her husband every year, but she can’t get the list of project investment account, so I don’t know what the real situation is.However, the total amount of money in the project investment account is not much, which is more than 100,000 yuan. Usually, she did not participate in the project, and she is not ready to investigate.At the same time, he installed monitoring software in her husband’s computer, he thought that no one would know if their chat records were deleted, but in fact, their chat records were all clear and clear, and their daily footprints were also in hand!A month or so, after all the evidence, in the execution of all the lawyers explained, the best friend decided to show his cards.

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