Flowering of copper money grass is “cumbersome”, the leaves are small and few, after cutting leaves as big as the palm of your hand

Flowering of copper money grass is “cumbersome”, leaves are small and few, after cutting leaves as big as the palm of your hand!Copper as a typical indoor ornamental grass green plant, by numerous lovers of flowers, copper evergreen leaves, grass lush, each small leaves are round and lovely, like one by one with the green hat elf, high levels in appearance, and super good raised again, very easy to run rampant, it also easy potted basin, indoors is very fresh, very chic,Bring people a happier mood.The ornamental value of copper pennisetum mainly lies in its leaves. If a pot of copper pennisetum leaves are round, green and large, it will make people love it more.But if the leaves are withered and thin and yellow, the appreciation will be greatly reduced, especially when copper money grass flowers, the most prone to such problems.Because flowering consumes a lot of nutrients, the leaves are very small and it is difficult to grow new leaves.If you don’t like the flowering of copperweed as much as I do, you can cut the flowers while the copperweed is in bloom. This will reduce the consumption of nutrients and make the leaves round, large and bright.In addition, when copper money grass blooms, it is not highly ornamental, disorderly and very ugly. It is better to cut it, so that nutrients can be supplied to the leaves, which grow bright and crowded with flower POTS, and become more and more beautiful.Copper grass is a super easy to blasting POTS of flowers, as long as the copper grass at ordinary times put in sunny places, summer shade a little bit about the light, other season need not move back and forth, plenty of light to make it more chlorophyll synthesis, not a few days, you will find a circle of new small blade, packed with the flower pot.In addition, copper money grass especially like water, is not resistant to drought, a slight weakness of water will easily lead to soft leaves, no support ability, especially with the rise of temperature, water evaporation too fast, more attention should be paid to watering and spraying, but also can always make copper money grass slim, lush, vibrant.Secondly, the fully fermented rice washing water can be used for tongqian grass frequently. The rice washing water can be diluted with water, poured into the flower soil or dropped into the hydroponic tank, and used twice a month. The growth condition will be more pleasant, and the leaves are not easy to turn yellow, but also full of vitality.

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