40,000 tickets to the movie!At 10 o ‘clock on February 14th, Colorful Treasure started the robbery

High-profile file just after the Spring Festival, the lantern gear will also keep to besides is the hit movie, “you want to go to your world of love”, “top ten years temperature such as speech, such as a number of romance also set file on February 14, to the masses of the people after the Spring Festival bring different spiritual and cultural life of happiness and sweetness, build the strong festival atmosphere warm and joy.In order to continue the enthusiasm of the general public, the Publicity Department of Guizhou Provincial Party Committee (Provincial Film Bureau) will issue the third round of 40,000 sets of movie consumption coupons at 10:00 am on February 14.From now on, consumers can download the “Colorful Treasure” APP and enter the “consumption coupons” area to participate in the ticket collection.Limited quantity, first come, first served, until finished!As soon as the coupons for the previous two rounds of viewing were issued, they received warm response from the majority of moviegoers and good social effects.Since the launch of the activity, many high-quality cinemas in the province have actively participated, further expanding the coverage of consumption vouchers, so that more people in Guizhou enjoy high-quality and convenient movie-watching services.Consumers can redeem tickets online and buy any movie shows after purchasing tickets on the “Colorful Treasure” APP, which is convenient for consumers to choose seats online, arrange their time freely, watch movies nearby and benefit the people.The third round of tickets will be valid until 23:59, April 28, 2022. The tickets will be invalid after the expiration date and cannot be transferred or exchanged for cash.Only one coupon can be used for a single order. Each coupon can only be used once without change.Movie coupons can only be used in the “Colorful Treasure APP” – “Movie coupons” area to buy movie tickets or tickets, consumers can directly use the coupons when paying through wechat.After the order is completed, check the ticket collection code in the “My Order” area of “Movie Consumption Voucher”. If the consumer selects a ticket online, he or she can redeem the paper ticket at the active cinema directly with the ticket collection code.If you only choose to buy a ticket, you need to go to the front desk of the active theater to select the time and seat and redeem the paper ticket before December 31, 2022.More details of the activity can be viewed through the activity page of “Colorful Treasure APP” – “Movie Consumption coupons” area or call the customer service 400-900-8799 of Colorful Treasure.First instance: Cao Yi second instance: Lin Meng third instance: Wang Xingtao

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