290 million yuan!Shibei District Court concluded a commercial case involving over 100 million yuan

Peninsula all media reporter Yin Yanxin correspondent Zhang Gan recently, the Shibei District court concluded a commercial case with an amount of about 290 million yuan.This case is the first case with a target amount of over RMB 100 million accepted by Shibei District Court after the Implementation of the Notice of the Supreme People’s Court on Adjusting the Standards of The Jurisdiction of The Intermediate People’s Court for Civil Cases of First Instance (Document No. 27 of Fa Fa) on October 1, 2021.The notice made it clear that the standards for first-instance civil and commercial cases under the jurisdiction of courts at all levels across the country had changed, and stipulated that “intermediate people’s courts shall have jurisdiction over first-instance civil cases with an amount of more than 500 million yuan if the parties’ domiciliations are all in or out of provincial administrative areas under the jurisdiction of courts.”Such is the case in this case.A bank of the plaintiff in this case requested to put forward A judgment that COMPANY A immediately repay A bank loan principal and interest of 29,044,193.72 yuan and other six lawsuit requests.The case was formally filed in December 2021, and the Haiqin Court held an open hearing in accordance with the law.The trial has been completed, the verdict has supported all the plaintiff’s claims, and the verdict has been served to all parties in accordance with legal procedures.In addition, shibei District Court Haiqin court also accepted a contract dispute case over 300 million yuan.At present, preservation measures have been taken in accordance with the application of the parties, and the follow-up trial is in progress.Shibei district court in order to adapt to the new era of economic and social development and civil litigation needs, accurately apply the civil procedure law on the regulation of the intermediate people’s court shall have jurisdiction as courts of first instance over civil cases, the reasonable positioning the grass-roots court civil trial functions, fast and efficient, convenient for the parties of the litigation, improve the trial of the effect, let the situation at the grassroots level, to resolve in the local.

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