The 2-0.Canada are on the verge of qualifying for the World Cup after winning their fifth straight game with the 26-year-old striker crowned top scorer

Canada scored twice in the second half of the World Cup qualifier against the United States in Qatar on Sunday morning, the 10th round of the North America and The Caribbean region.0 edged the United States to a fifth straight World Cup win and extended their lead at the top of the standings as they edged closer to qualifying for the tournament.It Canada, Alfonso Davis injury absence this call-up, veteran goalkeeper is still bo Yang, midfield is by David, and Jonathan and buchanan good players, led by Lin, the rest of the players are in other European league and the position of effectiveness, veteran hutchinson is a substitute for orders;And team USA squad slightly strong, split amazed and leading the frontcourt aronson, McKechnie, Taylor, Adams and Mr Yunus, musa form three in midfield, bayern Munich on loan at hoffenheim effectiveness as starting defender Richards, DE, serving as a right-back, winter window join augsburg young striker’s skin on the bench.Just to 7 minutes, Canada synthetic-aperture at home, la Lin received after Jonathan, David’s pass into the box, right foot fire for the team lead, then in the United States created plenty of opportunities to have a threat, but always failed to pry open the door to Canada, and in injury time seconds,Canada’s left back Adkubi received a clearance from a teammate, outflanked the defender and swiped the ball with his left foot in front of the goalkeeper for a game-killing goal that gave Canada a 2-0 win over the United States.Be worth what carry is, it opened the records for the team’s besiktas striker but Lin was gained national milestone in personal moment, this is he scored 23 goals for Canada, the ball made him the official history of Canada’s national team striker was crowned king, and he finished this achievement only by 46 games, efficiency is really amazing.In this session of World Cup top scorer, he is the top spot with 12 and his strike partner Jonathan David with 19 goals ranked third in history of Canada’s national team competition, and two people only 26 years old and 22 years old, there is still huge room to improve, Canadian football also doomed to in their efforts.After it win, the Canadian team to win 10 games 6 and draw four unbeaten, is ranked the top of the premier league and because Mexico the draw with costa rica, so Canada’s lead has expanded to four points, but it is obvious that the strength of a team to the final four opponents as Mexico and the United States, so Canada qualifying seems to be just a matter of time before the World Cup,The Maple Leafs’ return to the World Cup after 36 years is within sight.

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