NPC deputies walked into the “tax lecture hall” to interpret the spirit of the “two sessions”

“Stabilizing the macroeconomic market, ensuring people’s livelihood, and the new combined tax and fee support policies are attracting the most attention…”On April 1, Zhou Qinghe, NPC deputy, chairman and Party secretary of CRRC Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co., LTD., was the guest of the first “Zhuzhou Tax Lecture Hall” to highlight the contents of the 2022 government work report.In nearly two hours of speech, Zhou Qinghe to “in-depth study and implement the national” two sessions “spirit with outstanding achievements to welcome the party’s 20th Congress, with understandable, stick to the local atmosphere, easy to accept the language, vivid and powerful sharing.”Inviting NPC deputies to give lectures made us hear a participant’s personal experience, which was both refreshing and exciting.”Zhuzhou city tax bureau cadres Yan Pei deep feeling said.This year, the State Administration of Taxation zhuzhou city tax bureau combined with the provincial bureau of education and training requirements and the city party committee “cadres ability to improve the year” activity requirements, to build “big learning, training, development” education and training new pattern, targeted to open “Zhuzhou tax lecture hall”.First phase of the lecture hall in accordance with the “two months, a year a review” manner, take “offline training + online classes” inside “invite outside + culture” means the course, invites well-known entrepreneurs, experts and scholars, representatives took to the podium, interpreting policy, share experience, talk about experience, help to zhuzhou tax cadres to widen our sight and growth ability.”To carry out ‘Zhuzhou tax lecture’, we need to work hard in deep learning, detailed understanding and implementation.To take this as an opportunity, give play to wisdom, innovation work, go all out to win the implementation of the new combined tax support policy initiative battle, battle, to cultivate manufacturing city, to create a happy Zhuzhou contribution to tax force.”Zhuzhou City tax Bureau party secretary, director Chen Yunli said.(Correspondent Luo Shun, Aizijuan, Ren Jiefang)[Edited by: Fan Ruqin][Source: New Hunan client]

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