Fuguang tea maker glass, innovation and heritage, in the name of tea ware to help the new life of tea

After the last of the cold, spring arrived with beauty and new hope.At this time, China’s southwest, South China, South China, Jiangnan, Jiangbei and other major tea production areas are entering the peak season of spring tea picking from south to north, green and fragrant spring tea.As one of the world’s top three drinks, Chinese people have always been more attached to tea than coffee or cocoa.Tea is not only a concrete drink, but also an abstract concept integrated with literature and art.People in more than 100 countries and regions enjoy tea, and each country has its own tea culture. However, Chinese tea culture reflects the time-honored civilization and etiquette of the Chinese nation, which includes a profound understanding of tea ceremony, tea utensils, tea virtues and tea art.Take the more familiar tea ware as an example.Tea ware in China has a long history. Before the Tang Dynasty, tea was not really independent for drinking, so the distinction between tea ware and wine ware and tableware was not strict, and they were shared for a long time.With the continuous maturation and perfection of tea culture, tea ware and tea drinking show a trend of more matching and integration.In the Book of Tea, Lu Yu of the Tang Dynasty opened several chapters to introduce water and tea utensils for making tea, and listed 24 kinds of tea utensils, saying that “water is the mother of tea, and utensils are the father of tea”.Porcelain, metal, lacquer, bamboo and glass were once the mainstream of tea ware.Today, modern tea sets pay attention to restoring tea flavor, but also pay attention to portability and safety.Among them, transparent glass utensils are the most common for tea brewing. First, because the glass is transparent, you can enjoy the graceful dance of tea leaves in the water when brewing.Second, the glassware is stable, does not affect the taste of tea, but also easy to clean.Therefore, simple and generous glass becomes the standard match for making tea.In the research and development of glass manufacturing, the classic domestic brand Fuguang can be said to be the representative of seiko manufacturing in China’s modern cup and pot industry.Since 2006, fuguang has led many innovation iterations and sales upsurge of glass from single layer to double layer, combination of plastic and glass materials and function upgrading.In addition, considering that brewing time will affect the nutritional value and taste of tea soup, if the brewing time is too short, the nutrition leaching and flavor will be insufficient, and if the brewing time is too long, the tea will be easily spoiled and the freshness will be lost. Fuguang launched a series of glasses named Tea infuser in 2006, which is favored by tea drinkers.This kind of glass draws lessons from the brewing art of traditional tea ceremony. It has an independent tea warehouse and is designed in layers up and down to control the tea brewing time. It can not only realize the separation of tea and soup, but also be convenient for tea drinkers to carry with them.Since then, Fuguang has continued to improve and upgrade the glass technology and design concept.Small capacity glass is small and exquisite, to meet the needs of women to carry easily out;The antibacterial ability of metal ion antibacterial cup was enhanced in tea environment.The body of the glass describes the gold welcoming pine, exclusive Chinese hospitality culture.In addition, fuguang has its own strict requirements and the pursuit of appliance culture in the details related to the use experience, such as the height of the cup rim, thread, reflux cover, tea barrier and bottom of the cup.When it comes to tea ware and tea culture, people often hear different voices, such as “it is getting far away from young people” and “young people don’t like drinking tea anymore.”In fact, in recent years, small cans of tea, tea bags, new tea drinks and other popular market events are common.It is foreseeable that tea is entering modern people’s life with a younger and more diverse attitude. More and more young people begin to recognize the taste and culture of tea, and choose and be willing to carry the cup.A well-made tea cup can not only highlight the aroma and taste of tea, but also give tea a special flavor.

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