Curtain wall photovoltaic power circuit has been started, the future residents electricity is expected to be free

Although Feng Ziyongguang, a video reporter from Dahe Daily, cannot summon Ultraman, he can actually generate electricity.On the afternoon of February 19, the reporter followed the news team with the theme of “Forging ahead with a new Journey and building a New Era” to Xuji Group in Xuchang city. On the roof of the smart grid Industrial park of the group, 2,960 photovoltaic power panels were arranged neatly, and the electricity they generated was enough to meet 60% of the electricity demand of the park.The reporter visited to learn that the future photovoltaic power generation is expected to be civilian, that is, residents can achieve electricity free of money.At present, the green and low-carbon park of Xu Ji Group has been put online, and it is estimated that the group can reduce carbon emissions by 9996 tons and generate economic benefits of 13.86 million yuan in 2022.Curtain wall photovoltaic is expected to let residents electricity without money to use up power generation, such a good thing can be used in civil housing?The answer is yes.”However, the roof area of residential buildings is limited, so photovoltaic panels have little effect. In the future, curtain wall photovoltaic power generation and thin film photovoltaic power generation will be used for civil use.”Xu Ji Group smart grid Industrial Park technology department director Zhu Guodong told reporters that the curtain wall photovoltaic is literally, the photovoltaic panels embedded in the residential building wall, not only can be used for new residential areas, but also to transform the completed residential areas, now has entered the planning stage, the future is a new track.If the curtain wall photovoltaic power generation is put into operation on a large scale, it means that the household electricity will not be charged for electricity, and it will also help promote the realization of “carbon peak” and “carbon neutrality”.Guo-dong zhu is introduced, in the “carbon peak, carbon neutral” strategic background, Xu Ji group relying on electric power equipment manufacturing capacity and top system development ability, take the lead in the group have the park green low carbon zone, “at present we have mastered the low carbon nanotubes independently control the brain, the control system optimization and energy saving, energy storage and core technologies such as new energy power generation,Energy dispatching, multi-energy coordination and control and energy efficiency improvement are fully realized in the park.”In front of the large screen of the park’s low-carbon energy control system, the first page shows that the total energy consumption of the six parks of Xuji Group in 2021 is 29.14 million yuan, and the energy consumption equivalent to carbon emission is 23023 tons.One and a half months after the official launch in 2022, the current accumulative energy consumption cost is 3.14 million yuan, and the energy consumption equivalent carbon emission is 2,423 tons. It is estimated that in 2022, the six parks of Xuji Group can reduce carbon emission by 9,996 tons and generate economic benefits of 13.86 million yuan.5G intelligent industrial Park 4 pilot units have been determined in Xu Ji Group, fresh intelligent technology is more than this.In terms of operation and maintenance efficiency, the company also achieved a 20% improvement in defect handling efficiency and a 12% reduction in labor rate through shared electrician and intelligent operation and maintenance.According to reports, the group is now increasing the implementation of pilot demonstration sites, including schools, hospitals, high energy consumption enterprises, industrial parks and other 15 types of typical scenes and carry out visits and exchanges, the provincial Development and Reform Commission estimates that at least 800 units in Henan province are suitable for the construction of low-carbon park model.Now, we have conducted research and exchange with changge Dazhou Town Xinjinhui stainless steel, Tianrui Cement, Jinxin cement and other enterprises.”The current achievements can not be separated from the ‘ten thousand people helping ten thousand enterprises’ campaign.”Xu Ji group general manager Chen gang, said the province “ten thousand people to help thousands of companies” activities, the group has six to ten Xu Ji swap discussion, the general office of the provincial government, the National Development and Reform Commission, the ministry hall, market supervision and administration departments take the initiative to dock with the Xu Ji, what you can do coordination office, are difficult to do, immediately deal with green industrial park construction, etc.Has set up a special Xu Ji green low carbon zone pilot project team, to carry out some key energy-using units visit investigation, in view of the industrial park, hospital, school, etc. 15 typical scenario applicable solutions, xuchang cigarette factories, the authors central hospital, xuchang vocational and technical college and 5 g wisdom industrial park four pilot unit, study and formulate construction plan,We will move faster to promote pilot projects.In addition also coordinate with heavy card in electric demonstration station demonstration area land, Xu Ji trinity, faw group and yutong, xugong, baic, zoomlion factory establish cooperation relations, and era of ningde, deep rings signed a cooperation agreement, actively participate in the “electric medium and heavy-duty trucks share in power station construction and in technical specification for electric vehicles.The reporter learned that in the future, Xuji Group will continue to rely on its own power equipment advantages, accelerate the implementation and promotion of low-carbon park demonstration projects, to show the responsibility of state-owned enterprises in low-carbon life.Every year, we will go to Guangdong to see how to do pv this year!The 9th Guangdong Province Pv Forum 2022 will work with you to observe the general trend, change the bureau and view the future!March 3-4, See you in Shenzhen!– the END —

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