Chengdu, Sichuan province: A man’s decision to end his long-distance relationship with his girlfriend was met with surprise and surprise

Long distance relationship, is a couple of long distance love.When men and women fall in love, only the maintenance of long-distance love, adhere to the most difficult.With the rapid development of society, with the increasing population flow, more and more young people, because of study, work and other reasons, but have to leave home.As a result, couples are separated and more long-distance relationships are formed.Of all relationships, long-distance relationships are the hardest, the hardest, and the hardest to work out.However, there are still many long-distance lovers who overcome difficulties, endure loneliness and persist, and finally get together and live a happy life that will never be separated.Recently, a man in Chengdu, Sichuan province, shared a happy and touching video of his long-distance relationship with his girlfriend ending.At the same time, let people believe that as long as it is true love, the difficulties of long-distance love can also be overcome, long-distance love, do not have a long drought every rain, long separation wins the sweet taste of newlywed!The man and his girlfriend have gone their separate ways since graduating from college.He moved to Chengdu, Sichuan province for his work and career.His girlfriend, in order to work and parents, chose to return to their hometown of Hunan.The two have been in a long-distance relationship ever since.From then on, they were busy and living in their respective cities.Although far away mountains and rivers, also did not choose to give up.Their feelings, not only did not become weak because of distance, but more and more strong.Every festival, holiday, is not you come, is I go, two people cherish very not easy together short time.Although speaking of true love, distance is not a problem.However, in real life, long-term separation of a lovestruck couple can be a real problem.Because, get together every time, they all deeply felt when meeting hard don’t also hard pain, they all deeply felt the other side that don’t give up the vision and helpless look.This Spring Festival, the man’s girlfriend came to join him.After the holiday ends, when cummer returns to go to work, the man early well-intentioned ground is hiding cummer, made a decision meticulously.That is, when he went to the station to see his girlfriend off, he also secretly bought the same train ticket, seat next to seat.When his girlfriend waved goodbye to him, he quietly followed her into the train.And so on the seat, the man deliberately took out a mobile phone selfie, only to attract the attention of his girlfriend.His girlfriend looked carefully, and the man wearing a mask beside him turned out to be his boyfriend.At this moment, the girlfriend surprised!Just waved goodbye and soon sat down together again. What a blessing!Later, the man told his girlfriend that he had quit his job here and decided to end the long-distance relationship for seven years. He returned to Hunan with her to find a new job and never separated from her. From now on, he would no longer let her suffer the pain of long-distance love.To be honest, a couple who are in a long-distance relationship will encounter many unexpected and specific problems.There’s a reason why a lot of people don’t like long-distance relationships.For example, distance makes the feelings between lovers weaker and weaker.Because two people can not often communicate with each other, can not be romantic, can not be lovey-dovey, over a long period of time, it is easy to produce estrangement, misunderstanding, conflict, and finally lead to the breakup.For example: Long distance relationships can be tough.Women, in particular, have no one around to help them when they are in trouble.Whenever unhappy, there is no one around to talk;When you feel lonely, you have no one to be with.Every day is alone, every day is alone.Over time, can not stand the test of distance and time.For example, long-distance relationships are prone to change.Because, their love for a long time far away from thousands of miles away, rarely in the side.If one side meets a better opposite sex, if it meets the pursuit of the opposite sex around, the two are compared, it is easy to abandon the past, into a new relationship.Of course, there are many other factors that can cause long-distance relationships to break up.However, if you are in a long-distance relationship, if you are in true love with your partner, then it is possible to follow through and walk down the aisle.There is a famous line in the poem “Magpie Bridge Fairy · Fine Cloud Skillfully” written by Qin Guan of the Song Dynasty: “If love between two people lasts for a long time, why should they stay together every morning and evening?”This famous saying, very well revealed the true meaning of love: love to withstand the test of long-term separation, as long as each other sincere love, even if long years apart, but also more valuable than the day and night accompanied by vulgar taste.That is to say, as long as two people really love each other, the road is far heart is very close, acacia bitter also sweet, distance produces beauty.You can also be like the man mentioned in this article. When you and your lover cannot get together for a long time because of long-distance relationship, you can let one of them choose to give up their stable career, put love first, and move to the lover’s city to start a new development.In this way, they can not only avoid the pain of long-term separation, but also build their own warm and happy family together with their loved ones.Long-distance love, if two people infatuated with the same, is the distance of happiness;Can also take a variety of ways and means to close the distance, can also try to make love no distance, with true feelings to overcome time and distance, enjoy the happiness and sweetness of long-distance love!

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