Guanghan Nanfeng No. 2 Primary School held the general election of the school labor union

January 21, guanghan nan fung second primary school tenth staff democratic management conference held the first meeting, conference in strict accordance with the school of basic level Labour union election method, play a role of the staff to participate in school democratic management and democratic supervision, review through the report on the work of the “four”, the election of a new trade union committee members, the trial group and administrative supervisory commissioner.The meeting was presided over by jiang Bo, vice chairman of the labor union of the school, and attended by 45 faculty members.The participating staff listened carefully to the work report of the School written by principal Liu Guangbing and the work report of the School written by Qing Ligang, president of the labor Union.Concentric water nan fung second happiness – school union work report, li, director of the general air-conditioning for the school funds budget report, trade union members Xu Wei the faculty proposed implementation and review report, vice President of Yuan Liejun made the tenth union members, the trial group, the administrative supervisory committee members recommended nomination “.All the faculty members were divided into four groups to discuss and review relevant reports, and unanimously approved the above “four work reports”.After full deliberation, attending the faculty and staff exercise the rights of trade union members, solemnly cast their solemn vote, elected a new term of trade union members, members of the review group and the school supervisory committee, the audience rang out warm applause.At the end of the meeting, liu Guangbing, the director and principal of the teaching congress, expressed his gratitude to all members for their active performance of their duties and contribution of wisdom to the development of the school, and congratulated the successful holding of the meeting and the election of the new members of the trade union. He emphasized:School union will be carried out in schools under the leadership of the party organization work, exercise their functions and powers, to improve the operating mechanism of school affairs committee supervision to improve service consciousness, the school staff union built the warmth of home, lead all staff around school “zhuo, happiness blooming” educational philosophy, keep in mind the mission, his mind for party’s education, as the yucai, efficient and healthy development of the school.(Jiang Bo Wu Meng) Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address:

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