Zhuhai held a demonstration meeting to promote the modernization of municipal social governance

On February 16, the demonstration of modernization of prefectural social governance was held in Kangding. Yang Hongshou, deputy secretary of prefectural Party Committee and secretary of political and Legal Committee, attended the meeting and made a speech.He stressed the need to thoroughly implement a series of decisions and arrangements made by the Central and provincial party committees, sum up the experience and effects of the demonstration, face up to the problems of shortcomings, identify the target positioning of the demonstration, focus on the target tasks, anchor the main direction of the demonstration, and ensure the success of the demonstration of the modernization of social governance at the municipal level in Our prefecture.State deputy governor, state public security Bureau party secretary, director Li Qiang chaired the meeting.Deputy director of the standing Committee of the State People’s Congress has guan he, state CPPCC vice chairman, state business cooperation Bureau director Zerren Weng M, state court president Fu Bao, state Prosecutor Liao Xuedong, armed police state detachment detachment captain Huang Tianyun attended the meeting.The meeting pointed out that since the first phase of the national pilot program, the prefecture has made systematic efforts in changing concepts, solving problems, laying a solid foundation and improving capabilities, and basically fulfilled the set goal of the two-year “strong and weak” mechanism.The social governance system at the municipal level will be further improved, the layout of governance will be further optimized, the governance model will be further improved, and the demonstration effect will be further demonstrated. The results achieved deserve full recognition, and we must strengthen our confidence and determination in creating demonstration.The accumulated experience of the Party and the government in attaching importance to, working in undivided attention, innovating methods, working hard, and being good at tackling difficulties is precious, and we must continue to apply it in our next work.The meeting required that we should face up to the problem of shortcomings and find the target positioning of demonstration creation.From the preliminary work, there are differences in the degree of attention, the whole society has not formed the atmosphere of co-construction, co-governance and sharing;There are differences in job research, and many localities and departments lack of problem-solving;There are differences in work progress, and the practice of systematic, law-based, comprehensive and source governance is not thorough enough.There are differences in innovation promotion, focusing on demonstration sites and light comprehensive rollout;There are differences in the overall planning of work, lack of the idea of a game of chess, no joint efforts to build, govern and share.The meeting emphasized the need to focus on objectives and anchor the main direction of demonstration creation.It is necessary to further enhance the political position, fully understand that carrying out demonstration construction is the specific starting point for implementing the decisions of the central and provincial committees, the inevitable choice of historical development, and the long-term policy in accordance with the reality of Ganzi.We need to further clarify the path of development, focus on institutional and institutional innovation, and improve the “five systems” of party committee leadership, government responsibility, mass participation, social coordination, and public participation.We made innovations in the layout of our work to strengthen the foundation for preventing the “five major risks” of political security, public order, major conflicts, cyber security, and public security.We will focus on innovation in ways and means, and improve the mechanism for integrating political guidance, legal guarantee, rule of virtue as the guide, self-government as the foundation, and intellectual governance as the support.We should further standardize the way of creation, implement the “zero clearance” action, and promote the completion of basic tasks;The implementation of “quality improvement” action, focusing on the cultivation of competitive projects;Implement “refine” action, build regional characteristic brand.Meeting requirements, to high standards to implement the “inspection” action, ready for acceptance.We need to precisely implement the “large-scale training”, “spokesperson”, “oversight and notification” mechanisms and the “Six, one and one” project. We need to ensure that the guidelines are clear by the end of July, and that the demonstration model is established with high quality and high efficiency, so as to create a more secure and stable social environment for the successful convening of the party’s 20th National Congress.The deputy secretary general of the state Committee and the state Government, the main responsible comrades and specific responsible persons of the member units of the state, as well as relevant personnel of the state municipal governance Office and 13 special group offices attended the meeting in the main hall.Four leaders in charge and contact of each county (city), principal leaders of member units of the municipal social governance leading group, principals and specific staff of the Sea Management Bureau, Asian Management Bureau, Seda Wuming Buddhist Academy, Larong Temple Management Committee and Yaqing Temple Management Committee attended the meeting in each county (city) sub-conference.All media reporter/Long Wenqiang editor/Long Wenqiang editor/Song Xuehua

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