You can always trust Ren Jialun’s costume

You can always trust Ren Jialun’s costume.We all know ren Jialun is an actor, starring in large and small TV dramas, including costume, modern, spy, city, basically all kinds of attempts.Ren Jialun is also known as a model worker in Hengdian because she has been acting in Hengdian for years. She is either acting or on her way to acting.We may forget that Ren Jialun made his debut through singing competitions and did not learn professional acting lessons. He is truly a half-way monk.However, such a “half-assed” actor has made millions of netizens marvel at his acting skills, and his followers have grown from 3 million to 23 million.How good are Ren Jialun’s costume dramas?From Li Shu in Glory of Tang Dynasty to Xu Xuan in The Fairy Tale of The White Snake, lu Yi in Under the Dress, Na LAN Yue in The Twilight, and finally Zhou Shengchen, the king of Southern Chen in The Same Life of Zhou, all of them are dressed in ancient costumes and their acting is moving.Ren Jialun’s overall outline is fairly regular and square, his face is full and well-proportioned, and his forehead is full and not sunken. It can be said that Ren Jialun’s face is born for ancient costume.My old uncle often wondered if Ren Jialun would have been a king if he had been born in ancient times.Let’s take the under dress to briefly a next jia lun costume, why she is so popular, and the show broadcast in 2019, the fire again big jiangbei, even in a foreign country also attracted a great fan of male director jia lun also more high-profile, Ren Jialun in land gets the show played, and sometimes bloodthirsty demons, and sometimes a jade, his eyes filled with all the emotions.You can carefully QuRen jia lun’s eyes, really want to fall in, looking back at each eye emotions are going to overflow, many netizens have said Ren Jialun eyes as if will talk, looked at men and she don’t speak, you can feel it’s sweet breath or bad breath, that’s terrible Ren Jialun.Those who have seen Ren Jialun’s variety shows know that Ren jialun is a restless master in real life, but in the play, ren jialun’s aura suddenly opens up, and he has to admit that his acting is really good.Ren Jialun also has a strong point, that is, she is particularly good at controlling details, and she is best at conveying some very delicate emotions to the audience through her eyes, which is why ren Jialun’s ancient costumes are so popular.”The Same is true of” The Same Is true of “, this drama is the end of “BE”, many dramas starring Ren Jialun are the end of “BE”, we just say can we have some perfect sweet ending.Back to the theme, Ren Jialun plays zhou Shengchen, the king of small South Chen in this drama. The old uncle only uses one word to describe “absolutely”, no matter from the makeup, or the character setting, it is too suitable for Ren Jialun.You can repeatedly brush “The same as before” and “under the brocade”, is not the same two kinds of feeling, Lu Yi is like from the battlefield to come out of the kill god, only for the heroine.Although Zhou Shengchen is a generation of war god small South Chen king, but it is like a childe out of the book, people love his life.In a word, Ren Jialun’s costume is the only one in the hole since old uncle watched so many dramas. I’m in the hole from Under the Coat. What about you?

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